Writing a novel proposal template

Intended word count: Honestly? You should prepare the content of the Overview with two things in mind. Provide examples of how your book will add to the canon of books on a particular topic, or how your book will offer a fresh angle and new perspective. First, you must establish what your book will be about.

Yes, there were lots of history-of-Britain books — and those were the comparable titles I identified.

writing a novel proposal template

I had an interesting theme. You might use bullet points to address specific marketing tactics.

how long does.it take to.write a book proposal

Maybe, maybe not. This is because there was little competition in book publishing, so it was easy to make money.

Sample market analysis for book proposal

So they will also want to know: The pitch to the reader: How would you go about pitching the book to a reader, rather than to a publisher? I could write well. List the books on the market which may be similar to yours in topic, genre, scope, or plot. Stick to verifiable numbers. It then goes on to reel the reader in through a double-punch of drama and mystery. Signaling you understand traditional publishing and media The irrationality of a book proposal is actually a feature, not a bug. They are under intense pressure to produce results—which for them, is book sales. As you can see, not all of them are the same, and some even violate the rules I am giving you.

Organizations and memberships you belong to, and how they intend to help. A complete book outline You need to give a detailed synopsis of the complete book. What problem does it solve?

If they sign a lot of authors whose books sell well, they will be respected and secure in their job. Exclude all sorts of irrelevant information your eye color, the number of times you won Candy Crush, etc.

This is a very basic template because most of the value in a book proposal comes in the copywriting and sales of the actual proposal.

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How to Write a Book Proposal: Including a Template, Samples, and Instructions