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However, in this case the CQC — the official regulator — has acknowledged that it did not respond to a Winterbourne View hospital whistleblower. Using a hidden camera, he documented acts of bullying and physical and mental abuse committed by some of the staff of Winterbourne View.

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They did not operate effective recruitment procedures or take appropriate steps in relation to persons who were not fit to work in care settings. Both headlines are in response to a Department of Health report into staff mistreatment and abuse of patients at the private Winterbourne View Hospital.

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They did not respond appropriately to allegations of abuse. There was little evidence of staff training in anything other than in restraint practices. The report is a response to a BBC Panorama television documentary that aired in May and raised alarm over the care of patients at a private hospital in Bristol. Policy paper Winterbourne View Hospital: Department of Health review and response Final report into the events at Winterbourne View hospital and a programme of action to transform services. Commissioners themselves were admonished for failing to focus on quality or to monitor whether the hospital was providing services in line with its registered purpose, ie assessing the needs of individuals and promoting their rehabilitation back home. The hospital was also the subject of whistleblowing alerts to the CQC which were ignored and it is likely that were it not for the Panorama report the abuse would have gone on for longer. The report commits the Government to a programme of change, which will be led by a new NHS and local government-led joint improvement team. Inspectors who visited Winterbourne View considered taking urgent action to close the centre, but decided that it was in the best interests of the patients to allow NHS and local authority commissioners further time to find alternative placements. Many patients were given anti-psychotic drugs without a consistent prescribing policy. High-quality care and support services will be introduced in all areas by , including production of joint plans to ensure all people with learning and behaviour challenges receive care and support that meets best practice. This enabled a closed and punitive culture to develop on the top floor of the hospital. After considering a range of evidence inspectors conclude that the registered provider, Castlebeck Care Teesdale Ltd, had failed to ensure that people living at Winterbourne View were adequately protected from risk, including the risks of unsafe practices by its own staff. The report concludes that there was a systemic failure to protect people or to investigate allegations of abuse. They had not responded to or considered complaints and views of people about the service.

The wider issue of whether the care system, in all parts of the country, is providing effective and appropriate treatment to people with learning disabilities and autism. PDF In light of the findings of the report, a programme of action has been set out.

They failed in their responsibilities to provide appropriate training and supervision to staff. The Department of Health will report on progress by December One was seen trying to jump out of a second-floor window and being mocked by staff.

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Last updated:. This enabled a closed and punitive culture to develop on the top floor of the hospital.

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Winterbourne View: the final report