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Shivkumar Umadi. I must congratulate them all on selecting the best college in the district. You are inside the institute where you are going to study for a long period of time. I am bad at mimicking, I know! Now its up to you to take as much of it as possible. From now on wards you guys are a part of us. I would advise you people to become extraordinary in every respect. I was extremely scared at first regarding the different issues that one goes through during this phase of life. Now our director and our professors will put forward some of their thoughts and ideas about this college, its rules and regulations. You, a brand new Ferrari and we, the sparking black, Ford Model T. This life gives you freedom as you are at your own from now on wards. When it came to the infrastructure, labs and faculty, he says, KMIT and I, assure you one thing, the infrastructure and labs we have are the best. But staying away from home and family is difficult. It was one of the worst performance of my life and still i enjoyed it to the core. Also, you will have the best faculty of the city here who have expertise in their subjects of not less than 15 years.

I wish you all the best of luck for your coming life and for future. It is a known fact that we have dynamic management motivated lecturers and devoted professors.

We encourage our students to contribute towards the benefit of the society by getting involved with these NGOs in any which way possible.

Many changes took place; the first year block labs were set up properly, everything was well cleaned up, posters were put up, welcoming the juniors and also not to forget the anti-ragging posters.

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The older SAT before had a very high ceiling. Neil Gogte, presided over the session.

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You, a brand new Ferrari and we, the sparking black, Ford Model T. The most interactive speech was given by Mihir, from IT. What I wish to express using all the 'adjectives'that I used is that these new faces in here, our juniors for the coming year, represent to us the same hope and challenge as new players in a cricket team or new twists in a good story. We are taught in a beautiful environment You have stepped into this college with fresh thoughts, noble alms, high hopes, and aspirations. There is saying in English that friendship is a ship that can cross the ocean of life. Shivkumar Umadi. This is just the first step towards the fulfilment of your dream career. Indira and Guru in Bindi competition There was one interesting game which is taking a straw we need to place small thermacol balls into a plate. You are here now as three years back we were! Freshers are the new faces of the college.

Of course, teachers and all other college staffs will always remain as the navigators to guide you. What kind of people will be there?

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In the same token, the old and the established stands for 'the familiar and comfortable', 'knowledgeable and therefore able', 'mature and therefore trustworthy','rugged and therefore reliable. Thread and needle game with Pradeep and Samina Then came the other game where the person who keeps most no. Read more Welcome speech freshers party essays looking to take up a new hobby or want to keep up an existing interest, there is something for everyone from academic and political endeavours to celebrating culture, as well as more lighthearted interests such as music, dance and games. And we, as seniors,should ideally be the matured bunch, a bunch of guys and gals they could trust and depend upon. Indira and Guru in Bindi competition There was one interesting game which is taking a straw we need to place small thermacol balls into a plate. It was a day for which the management and even the seniors had been waiting eagerly. Wishing you all the very best! They wish them all the best and hope to see their lives rock at KMIT! Novelty for us is excitement and exuberance, surprise and science, cheerfulness and joy, hope and happiness, boldness and buoyancy, positive ness and passion. They could give any suggestions too.
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