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Uber's value proposition, offering uber convenience Without explicitly saying so, Uber expertly highlights everything that sucks about taking a traditional taxi and points out how its service is superior. A value proposition is something real humans are supposed to understand. This can lead to marketing concepts and ideas. Primary benefit: Access to professional translating services at any time. Show the product image , the hero shot, or an image reinforcing your main message. Get New Stuff for Free. Jony Ive freejonyive Apple knows how crowded and competitive the smart device market is, so rather than focus on a specific feature — virtually none of which are unique to the iPhone or iOS — the company instead opts to focus on the experience of using an iPhone.

Described more website advantages when there were more features and benefits available to read. Primary benefit: Access to professional translating services at any time.

value proposition example

Osterwalder and Pigneur state that the value proposition Value proposition be studied through its entire value life cycle. Often a subheadline will be provided underneath the main headline, expanding on the explanation of delivered value and giving a specific example of why the product or service is superior to others the consumer has in mind.

Value-centered strategic intent: Where do you intend the organization to be in the foreseeable future and what principles will guide the journey? What value does the product or service provide?

Make it an attention grabber. Target market: Ambitious and motivated professionals. Target market: Young travelers and weekend road trippers.

Of course, the unique part needs to be something customers actually care about. Companies use this statement to target customers who will benefit most from using the company's products, and this helps maintain an economic moat. Key activities can be divided as: Internal key activities are the activities that are made inside the organisation External key activities are the relations between the organisation and its partners Key resources are the main assets that are needed in the process of adding value to the product or process for the customers.

Primary benefit: Eliminates the frustrations of travel. Primary benefit: Easy payment processing regardless of location. The mutual focus on giving and getting.

professional value proposition example
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How to Create a Unique Value Proposition