Total quality management research paper

Continuous process improvement is the objective, and these phases are the framework to achieve that objective.

Total quality management research paper

As mentioned before customer satisfaction is not a simple concept to understand or to measure. By following the preceding suggestions, senior managers should be able to drive fear out of the organization, break down barriers, remove system roadblocks, anticipate and minimize resistance to change, and, in general, change the culture.

This information is translated into core values and process improvement projects. Innovating to achieve breakthroughs. Only with the involvement of senior management can TQM be a success. The values and strategies should help guide all activities and decisions of your organization.

Catch people doing something right, so you can pat them on the back. Senior managers must be visibly and actively engaged in the quality effort by sending on teams, coaching teams, and teaching seminars. Also, provisions must be made to reward teams as well as creative individuals.

a study on total quality management

The PDSA cycle is a simple adaptation of the more elaborate problem solving method discussed in the next section. However, successful quality leaders tend to have certain characteristics. A very important role of senior managers is listening to internal and external customers and suppliers through visits, focus groups, and surveys.

Employees are more likely to implement and support decisions they had a part in making.

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This approach is an excellent technique for gaining firsthand information.

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Total Quality Management (TQM) Research Papers