The truths of autism essay

After all, being able to plan your meals for the week or ask for directions bespeak important forms of intelligence. Baggs has been using YouTube to make her point; Dawson's weapon is science. The two smaller circles are labeled "neuro-diversity" and "omg cure!!

Though Singer medicalizes the spectrum in a fashion that Carley does not, both authors conceive of the autism spectrum as one that has a high and a low point, beginning with autism and ending with autism, beginning with ideal and ending with less than. He was the ultimate underdog who triumphs because of his unique way of seeing the world, rather than despite it.

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In response to such flagrant categorization, Mike Rose warned writing instructors in of the limits of cognitive studies as applied to students' thinking and writing styles.

Certainly, he had the same flair for maths and patterning, and the same baffled response to the illogical behaviour of people around him. Through this engagement, a child with ASD learns two-way and complex communication, emotional thought, and intimacy.

After years of investigation, former doctor Andrew Wakefield, London-based author of the highly publicized report connecting autism and vaccines, was found to have acted unethically, and his study was proven false by multiple sources.

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In T We all know the opposite sex can be a baffling, even infuriating, species. No specific test can diagnose autism. Alison Singer.

Disability Studies: Enabling the Humanities.

The truths of autism essay

As one researcher told me, "There's no money in the field for looking at differences" in the autistic brain. After that, she claims, Canada Post harassed her to such a degree that she was forced to take a permanent leave of absence, starting in If one is able to attend college, is she high-functioning? Thirty-nine percent of the articles weren't based on any data, and even the more rigorous studies often used questionable measures of intelligence. Claiming Disability: Knowledge and Identity. The advent of social media has transformed the ability of autistic people to seek out kindred spirits, control the tone and content of their discourse, and combat the loneliness that so many report. David Wolman david david-wolman. It was hardwired. Carley, at first glance, diverges from Singer's medicalizations in his portrayal of the spectrum. They are endlessly obsessed with their status and their identification with their tribe. Wilson, James C.
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Understanding Autism Essay