The negative aspects of college sports as a business

should college athletes be paid

There were significant differences between athletes and non athletes. Participation in athletics was found to generate a stronger sense of attachment to the university through group membership, a factor which would have a positive effect on giving.

These are just some of the scandals that have occurred in the past that were used to make sure athletes remained eligible and received special treatment.

ethical issues in college sports

Often, the athlete has to cope with the stress of attending to sporting obligations while fulfilling academic requirements. Schildknecht, J. When choosing among schools that offer athletic programs, non athletes prefer schools that have winning records to those that do not.

Clotfelter cited participation in extracurricular activities and athletics as one of the factors that affected alumni giving American Behavioral Scientist, 53 10 LSU, however, is among comparatively few schools playing big-money sports.

social issues in college sports

If it meant adjusting weekday game schedules against the pressures of TV revenue, is the public ready for that? As a more concrete example, sports leagues have done their part to get kids active and healthy.

Business Horizons, 53 3 ,

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Commercialization in Sports