The military career of mark antony

Visit Website As pressure increased against Caesar, Mark Antony joined his mentor in Gaul and engaged in a series of battles between Caesar and Pompey.

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The Senate makes Octavian a senator even though he is far too young to qualify. The Life and Times of Marc Anthony. Octavian assumed control in the west, Antony in the east, and Lepidus for a time in Africa.

He was given the role because he could neither abuse or efficiently use his power.

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In June 44 the Senate granted him north and central Gaul and northern Italy as his province for five years. Meanwhile, Antony, with the rank of Propraetor despite never having served as Praetorwas installed as governor of Italy and commander of the army, stationed there while Marcus Lepidusone of Caesar's staff officers, ran the provisional administration of Rome itself.

Anthony gets the east and Gaul.

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Why Was Marc Antony Important to Rome?