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Science Fiction: The Future as History. I would argue that considering Hong Kong as among the cinematic models for the future city may inspire not only a further look at Hong Kong at this present moment of political transition but also its potential for developing into a "forerunner of what the contemporary capitalist world city will eventually become" King Perhaps Ridley Scott left this riddle to be answered in his Blade Runner sequel!

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With the artful "retro-fitting" and "layering" of the Japanese sushi bar, the gigantic media screen of the geisha girl ad, and a Chinese bio-engineer who "only does eyes," the city, critics are quick to point out, looks like "Chinatown in Tomorrowland" Hunter ; the sleazy cinematography results in a hybrid and fractal combination of "Hong Kong, New York, [and] Tokyo's Ginza district" Sammon The female replicants Rachael and Pris are both capable women however they are followers rather than leaders and are resigned to the controlling men.

The different fonts portray the different times the texts originate from. The Second Media Age. In delineating a theory that Hong Kong is a "space of disappearance," Ackbar Abbas points to another long-enduring representation, "a Chinese junk in Victoria Harbour against a backdrop of tall modernistic buildings," and notes that "a stylized red junk is also the logo of the Hong Kong Tourist Association.

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