The emancipation proclamation and the end of slavery in the united states of america

Douglas as a solution to the slavery controversy, while completing the effort first legislatively proposed by Thomas Jefferson in to confine slavery within the borders of existing states.

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Background Military action prior to emancipation The Fugitive Slave Act of required individuals to return runaway slaves to their owners. Slave holding areas not covered are in blue. During the war nearlyblacks, most of them ex-slaves, joined the Union Army. President, there is not one Estimates of how many thousands of slaves were freed immediately by the Emancipation Proclamation are varied.

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By mid Lincoln had come to believe in the need to end slavery. By this time Lincoln had decided on an even more dramatic measure: a proclamation issued as commander-in-chief freeing all slaves in states waging war against the Union.

Up until Septemberthe main focus of the war had been to preserve the Union.

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Slavery abolished in America