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figurative language in the chrysanthemums

The way Elisa works herself is symbolic that she has lost hope of getting a child at thirty-five years of age. Thus, Elisa may be attempting to plant chrysanthemum flowers to symbolize some dead hopes of bearing their own children.

The closing of her eyes halfway shows us that she is envisaging what it would be like to live in the sphere of the Tinker Tamy The description of the December weather being chilly, and no hope of brightening describe how Elisa feels.

The author seeks to make the influence on the readers, representing the effects of the unhappy marriage on Elisa and her activity. She wore heavy leather gloves to protect her hands while she worked.

chrysanthemums poem

The above quotation means that the author awakens the readers to the realities surrounding family life. Do the following: Remove the present conclusion thesis.

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The Chrysanthemums Summary and Analysis