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I seem to inhale learning, walking amid their foliage; and the odour of their old moth-scented coverings is fragrant as the first bloom of those sciential apples which grew amid the happy orchard.

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But, besides his family pretensions, Plumer was an engaging fellow, and sang gloriously. Thanks to this elegant new Hesperus edition, Charles Lamb's forgotten masterpiece is ripe for rediscovery.

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Can a ghost laugh, or shake his gaunt sides, when you are pleasant with him? There they stand in conjunction; natives, and naturalised. There is Comberbatch, matchless in his depredations! A sucking babe might have posed him. He wore his hair powdered and frizzed out, the fashion known as Maccaronies. The simultaneous sound of his well-known rap at the door with the stroke of the clock announcing six, was a topic of never-failing mirth in the families which this dear old bachelor gladdened with his presence. He had a cheerful, open exterior, a quick jovial eye, a bald forehead, just touched with grey cana fides. You could not speak of any thing romantic without rebuke. It is certain our Plumer did nothing to discountenance the rumour. See how light he makes of it! You insulted none with it; but, while you wore it as a piece of defensive armour only, no insult likewise could reach you through it. He believe that grace is usually uttered insincerely, and that only the poor really have dignity in saying it, as they are truly grateful for the opportunity to have food on their table.

A humility quite as primitive as that of Jewel or Hooker might not be exactly fitted to impress the minds of those Anglo—Asiatic diocesans with a reverence for home institutions, and the church which those fathers watered.

James Boyer was the Upper Master; but the Rev.

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It cheered the couples as the bright solitary star of their lives. He was watched, but no traces of such midnight practices were discoverable. Yet pleasant fellows, full of chat — and not a few among them had arrived at considerable proficiency on the German flute. Generally arm in arm, these kindly coadjutors lightened for each other the toilsome duties of their profession, and when, in advanced age, one found it convenient to retire, the other was not long in discovering that it suited him to lay down the fasces also. Was he rich? Decus et solamen. He went about moping. To such a one as myself, who has been defrauded in his young years of the sweet food of academic institution, nowhere is so pleasant, to while away a few idle weeks at, as one or other of the Universities. There they stand in conjunction; natives, and naturalised. Any complaint which he had to make was sure of being attended to. In his actions and sentiments he belied not the stock to which he pretended. I hope he will not keep them too rigorously. The oppressions of these young brutes are heart-sickening to call to recollection. Lamb was a fine-grained romanticist, an ardent admirer of the Elizabethans, a happy observer of the humors of his own day, a man whimsical and sympathetic. I have not been without my suspicions, that he was not altogether displeased at the contrast we presented to his end of the school.

In a degree beneath manhood, it is my infirmity to look back upon those early days. He stood as passive as one by the side of the old shelves. These were governors; two of whom, by choice, or charter, were always accustomed to officiate at these Ultima Supplicia; not to mitigate so at least we understood itbut to enforce the uttermost stripe.

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Charles Lamb's "Essays of Elia" : Study of Personality