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Auto-manufacturers and car dealerships will often advertise free or subsidized gas to car buyers for a certain amount of time, but increase the cost of the car in other ways.

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Instead they put the wants and needs of the Trojans first. In a future solocast — I will share some specific strategies and recipes you can use to create cornerstone content as well as how you can plug it into your Trojan Horse of Sales strategy. This involves making a small request for example, filling in a survey , then trying to sell you something. What should you do? The Greeks pretended to sail away and the Trojans pulled the horse into their city as a victory trophy. Wendy told her emotional and devastating story about the tragic car accident that she and her husband, along with their two children were in while on vacation in Europe. It will all be here, in plain sight. But people are less likely to pay attention to a marketing message when it feels like a marketing message. You do not sell the list or rent the list or demand more attention… In the book, Godin explains how Amazon has used permission marketing to build an empire: Using permission, Amazon can fundamentally reconfigure the entire book industry, disintermediating and combining every step of the chain until there are only two: the writer and Amazon … Amazon appears to be building a permission asset, not a brand asset. Your podcast — video interview — or article for your blog — just increased the probability of a one-on-one, private, minute conversation with your ideal prospect. It got me inside of the gates. Thus, an artwork acting like a Trojan Horse can contain the seeds of multiple strategic outcomes. When you read a post about a military tactic or the life of a historic figure, the purpose is not the narrative alone. The Trojans believed the Greeks had left the horse as a peace offering. Why did the Greeks choose a horse vs a pig, or cow or pretty much any other animal?

You earn the right, over time, bit by bit… In order to get permission, you make a promise. Our goal was to grow revenue, and at the same time, create a compelling proof of concept for the system that would eventually become this book.

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Why in the world are you not building more of these? So, this is where the Trojan horse comes in. I could practically feel her smile on the other end of our Skype connection. There is no thought given to messaging or the role of the promotional product in reinforcing key brand benefits. We accomplished this thanks in part to several amazing mentors who stepped into our path. We were on a mission to create a bone fide monetization strategy. It was a quiet Sunday afternoon in the middle of May Either way, you need to build a relationship with them. The instructor may be wearing one of the workout tops they sell, while working out in the video. It requires a lot of thinking. Think about that statement for a second. This makes it a creative, easy to use, always available and a memorable solution to a common problem — how to open a beer bottle at a tailgate. Open-hearted gestures of honesty and generosity bring down the guard of even the most suspicious people. But just like the epic tale of the Trojan Horse, stories are vessels that carry things such as morals and lessons. What do they hope to achieve?

On the topic of Amazon Prime, John Warrillow writes: Like many subscription models, Amazon Prime is a Trojan horse that is expanding the list of products consumers are willing to buy from Amazon and giving the eggheads in Seattle a mountain of customer data to sift through.

But the really important point is…so could you. The secretaries viewed my extra service as a tremendous convenience, and many of them became my ally and assisted me in my efforts to meet the top decision-makers. They make decisions based on quantity vs quality.

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The Trojan Horse in Marketing and Business We live in an era when we are all besieged by marketing messages every moment of the day. Find a way so subtly mention your business or products and fit a link in if your Trojan Horse is delivered online.

Instead, I returned to thinking about how we were overstaffed and needed to grow revenue. I wrote this book over a 6-week period of time this spring and early summer.

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For example, on the surface one might think that your local cinema is in the movie business.

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How To Use Trojan Horse Marketing To Get More New Clients.