Responding to other students writing a business

Students can be easily overwhelmed by too many comments.

responding really responding to other students writing summary

Another option is to circle the errors without making corrections. Give attention to meaning and organization.

A third option is to give grammatical help on a sample paragraph rather than on the entire paper. Is this an academic audience? I find it helps my students to give them examples of different audiences. By starting higher on the hierarchy, your comments will have the greatest impact on the revisions if you're commenting on an early draft or on the long-term development of the writer you respond to see Elbow, ; Hodges, ; Lunsford, Show interest in the ideas that the students express. In these conferences, I use questions to help stimulate ideas. I find that when students learn to write for specific audiences, their writing becomes far more communicative than when they write only to 'display' some grammar or vocabulary they have just learnt in class. Moreover, they may not be able to distinguish high-priority comments where we feel a change is definitely warranted from lower-priority comments, and hence they spend their revision time on the quick, detail-level fixes without addressing more important structural problems. Creating Rubrics When creating a larger or more formal assignment, it is often worthwhile to create a performance rubric or scoring tool that specifies the performance expectations you have for a piece of work. Give attention to surface details. For example, an overall comment about a specific issue that jumped out at you suffices, e. When I give my students a writing task, I try to get them thinking about who they are writing for. For written questions, I use coloured 'post-its' to write questions on. In this way, I don't spoil the look of the student's paper. Style and Conventions What style is appropriate for the context in terms of audience and purpose?

How can you make this more. I also agree with Straub that you must maintain that barrier between the reader and the writer; the reader should not take the role of the teacher or an editor.

When writing, students are revealing something of themselves to you.

responding to other students writing a business

My audiences today have been; my boss an emailmy brother a text message and myself my shopping list! I stick these on the student's paper. In this way, I don't spoil the look of the student's paper.

In this way, I don't spoil the look of the student's paper. Respond to the task that the students were set. If you ask them to write an advertisement for a product, for example, respond to the success or not of their advert. Sample Grading Sheets. Is this what you want to say? In my previous English class, the instructor told us to revise our classmate's paper by both writing comments in the margins and writing a summary note of the overall paper at the end. This really helps in getting the students thinking about the content and style of the writing. Engaging with the topic at a deeper level and clearly demonstrating an ability to see different perspectives and to be able to present these within their assignment and develop reasoned conclusions Presence of voice—a sense that the author has a 'political' stance or indeed conviction. Comments we make on earlier drafts of papers are more likely to be read and used in revision, whereas comments on a final draft are most useful if they connect to a future writing assignment, e. What do you want the reader to think? Purpose Is this piece of writing intended to inform? Are there locations where the writing is hard to follow or comprehension is disrupted?

Is the problem with sentence structure or word choice?

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How Can I Handle Responding to Student Writing?