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The inability of the railroads and the public to get along together amicably furnishes another interesting and possibly no less important phase.

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Perhaps the greatest physical feat of 19th century America was the creation of the transcontinental railroad. Professional Learning Background Essay on Building the Railroads This essay explains how railroads transformed late-nineteenth century America and shows how their impact was felt differently across class and racial lines.

Republican congresses ruled for the federal funding of railroad construction, however, all actions were halted for a few years on account of a war.

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George Corson was an employee of the Chicago Milwaukee, St. Please include your name on the essay. On this day, Sanchez was chatting with a teenage rail fan that he planned on sneaking in later in the day This construction project posed a huge challenge to those working on it Distant lands become almost instantly reachable miles journey from New York to California was cut down from one or two months to few days! Baltimore, the third largest city in the nation in , had not invested in a canal. He was also a financier, which was at that time, a person who made a living from investing large amounts of money in order to get money back. Lincoln approved Pacific Railway Act of , granting two railroad companies the right to build the first American transcontinental railroad, Clark

After years of oppression and exploitation by the ruling class, the working class struck back and briefly paralyzed American commerce. The importance of solving the question whether or not the railroads were the prime stimulus for American economic development fades when focusing on the effect they had on society as a whole.

This is done by assessing who the first settlers were, what the trains were transporting between the East and West, and how it affected the people of the 19th century Religious leaders decried trains as sacriligious.

Thus, they started a race to lay to most tracks.

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Police, state militia, and federal troops clashed with strikers and sympathizers, leaving more than one hundred dead and thousands injured.

What Was the Impact of the Railroads?

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