Prinicples of health and social care

Information of the users of health and social service can be share by the HSC workers in case it is required for giving effective services.

principles of caring

Hence, they need a lot of emotional support and need to be dealt with a lot of care and patience. The care home looks after the needs of such old people and is governed by a separate code of conduct and legislations and ethics as mentioned by law.

In context to ABC home care, system theory is quite applicable as it focuses on the human behaviour and his compatibility with the complexity of the system.

Define principles of support

Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell. There must be provided equal rights to the users of the health and service care services. Confidentiality and privacy, and different policies and procedures are the main considerations which are to be considered. References Courtenay, M. In addition to this, it can also be observed that social processes have great impact on the life style, habits, hygiene and mental state of the individual. Same can be applied to the users associated with ABC care home Pujari, Administration of the facility have become more efficient All the dues from the relatives or agents of the elderly people have been cleared.

My privacy is respected. There should be maintained trust and respect as a priority and the professional confidentiality which is important from different point of view Resnik, Legislation- While providing health and care services there should be considered different legislative requirements which are the act making impact on the overall effectiveness of organisation and the services providing by the health and care service provider.

6 principles of care

My care is provided by people who understand and are sensitive to my needs and my wishes.

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Supporting Carers is one of 6 Key Principles for health and social care services