Plastic cups industry

While Solo remains the number one competitor in this product category, almost identical products are available to consumers at a lower cost that are packaged under generic and store brands.

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Kooler Cups will be available at a comparable price to other products in the market because they can be considered disposable even though they are not necessarily one-time use cups. We will package and sell Kooler Cups in comparable quantities to its competitors in the market to encourage the selection of this product for gatherings where many cups are required.

Additionally, the reason for the resiliency in some product categories in the industry, is the result of consumers downgrading their, spending on dining out and increasing their spending on home cooked meals.

Increase in the number of working women and changing trends in ethnicity have also led to greater indulgence in foodservice disposables.

The cost of goods sold accounts for the various costs that go into production of the good as well as shipping and handling expenses. What started out as just simple cups has evolved into something much more broad and diverse.

This market accounts for several segments of plastic ware: Cups and Lids, Containers, Dinnerware and others.

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Some of these products include insulated plastic cups and cups that have hand grips added to them. While the price for a package of thirty sixteen oz.

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Plastic Cups Industry Free Essays