Paragraph writing activities for kids

We, teachers, have to be fun. Vocabulary Challenge Pick a new word for them to learn. With a bit of creativity and effort, we can make even the most challenging aspects of learning easy on them.

Show students your poster-sized hamburger organizer. If you read a phrase that is not a sentence, students should put their hands in the air. For this paragraph, students should write about an activity they enjoy. The final copies of the paragraphs can be illustrated and displayed.

As a class, develop a concluding sentence for your class paragraph and record it on the hamburger organizer.

scrambled paragraph writing activity

Distribute copies of the hamburger organizer to each student. It makes sense to children—and to teachers too! Explain the word. Let it dry, and apply a second coat. Then, tell them to write a short story around that sentence.

You see… in a paragraph you can give information about one main idea, or you can explain one topic, or you can give your opinion about one main idea or topic.

Scrambled paragraph writing activity pdf

Ask students to share their ideas about what might go in each section of the organizer. Paragraph Dissection Have small groups or pairs choose a paragraph from an informational nonfiction book. Beside their paragraph, they should identify what kind of information the details give them. Give students the quiz to check for understanding. For this paragraph, students should write about an activity they enjoy. Discuss kinds of details, such as sensory details, historical details, and other descriptive facts. After filling in their organizer, students should meet with another student to share their ideas and offer feedback. Topic Sentences Resume the video lesson, pausing at at the end of the section on topic sentences. It makes sense to children—and to teachers too! You can get a big piece of paper, where everyone will have space to write. Let them draw or paint on the clean side of the paper. Luckily, I am very patient.

Hook-On Sentences Split the class into groups of four.

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10 Fun Writing Activities for Kids