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The surface of her story is limpidly clear and beguilingly placid, but her use of it is to enforce by close logic an impossible and often very shocking proposition driven with distinct and startling imagery. Because Linda is the only female character of substance in the play, much responsibility can be heaped on her and women in general for the tragic plight of men. Willy's problems, that usually affected the whole family were caused by little decisions made throughout his lives. Northam, John. When he reaches the point where he can no longer handle working, he doesn't realize it, he puts his life in danger as well as others just because he's pig-headed and doesn't understand that he has to give up on his dream. Sartre, Jeaun-Paul. Instead, we learn this belief in the course of learning what it is to be a daughter, a schoolchild, black, a steelworker, a councilor, and so forth.

The distinction between ideology and science or philosophy is not assured once and for all by the epistemological break: this "break" is not a chronologically-determined event, but a process. Miller, 22 Willy lived everyday of his life trying to become successful, well-off salesman.

This nameless woman represents a working class of women in contrast to Linda who is a housewife.

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I'm a dime a dozen and so are you" Death To Biff Walk in very serious. He had a choice of whether or not to do something, he just made the wrong decision most of the time because he wanted to live the American dream.

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Certain lines in the play point to this character flaw that is present in Willy, Hap, and for a time Biff. It should say nothing about what any man does otherwise; so long as one man does no harm to any other, the sovereign should keep its hands off him however, since there is no power above the sovereign, there is nothing to prevent the sovereign breaking this rule. The relationship between superstructure and base is considered to be a dialectical one, not a distinction between actual entities "in the world". The profit motive is not just the result of greed on behalf of individual capitalists. It is possible to say that the Women is a low moral person who does not care about morality of her actions. Rather than deal with the possibilities of failure, she convinces herself his dreams will come true. Drama from Ibsen to Eliot. Willy Loman put his family through endless torture because of his search for a successful life. She is a source of security, strength, and support for Willy. In two ways, first—it creates some brute persons who spread the theory and practise of brutality, second—it makes some victims who are brutalized to suffer the process. Willy Loman stands as the paragon example of an American dream that dooms utterly due to the adverse forces that ruins his life, existence and dream. The Loman failures are as much terrestrial as they are spiritual—meaning the spirit of the family. Biff — he likes me! These women characters are used to unveil real nature of Willy, Biff and Happy.

As any mother Linda is brave enough to protect her children. Also, on the literal level, Willy very often lapses into a flashback and appears to be reliving conversations and situations that occurred years ago.

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Not all people suffer the fate of Willy Loman.

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