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He is a noble-hearted scholar, an eminent soldier, 'the observed of all observers. The contrast between the two points of view is a note-worthy feature of any comparison between Sophocles' Oedipus Rex and Shakespeare's Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.

That is why he regrets having been born to set the time right.

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It is an accident that Hamlet arrives at the graveyard, just when his beloved is to be buried; that Gertrude drinks the glass of poisoned wine which was meant for Hamlet and dies, which the foils get exchanged in the duel, and both Laertes and Hamlet die. He is torn between appearance and reality, between passion and reason, between what is expected of him and what his moral scruples revolt against.

He is reluctant to accept the role he is ordained to perform.

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Oedipus eventually resigns himself to his failure by saying, "Oh G-d! Again, it is a fateful chance that Polonius is murdered by Hamlet and is to be avenged by his son.

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The readiness is all. He never says that he believes in God or in good or evil because he always questions everything. Hamlet should not be taking these matters into consideration. Approximately how much time has passed between the death of King Hamlet and the remarriage of Gertrude to Claudius? Whenever he acts, he acts on impulse pnly. But death, to Hamlet, is not a choice to be made. If he acts quickly, he does so on impulse. Works Cited Bloom , Harold. The Ghost of the dead King appears and makes a revelation which shocks and bewilders Hamlet. Character is Destiny. Again, it is a fateful chance that Polonius is murdered by Hamlet and is to be avenged by his son. Sophocles' hero is stoic, strong, and stubborn; he seeks to bully fate and then gives in to self-destruction. The notion that a hero must be a man of stature who is undone by some flaw in himself entirely governs Oedipus, the play's protagonist. Hamlet is the quintessential Shakespearean hero, born of stature but not necessarily powerful, and undone by external forces as much as by internal ones. Hamlet seems more preoccupied about ending the incestuous relationship than actually avenging the murder.

In Hamlet, we witness such a manifestation of fate in the accidental encounter of the ship, by which Hanhlet is proceeding to England, with a pirate vessel.

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Hamlet: Free Will and Fate