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The State of Georgia has received a waiver from some of the accountability requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act to allow for greater flexibility in the way schools, school districts and the state work together to improve the educational system.

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Essay Topic: Childhood Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! As the years passed she acquired more experience and knowledge on the Act, and is now completely opposed to the NCLB Act.

After long hours of research I believe that the No Child Left Behind Act has taken a part in the cause of our problem in our education system today.

As a future educator I have learned that all children are unique and diverse. One of the first major actions of Bush's presidency was signing into law a measure that was designed to ensure a high degree of quality for all students attending American public schools. Objectives must ensure that all groups of students are proficient by graduation, and progress will be monitored through annual testing. In fact, I cannot remember a mayor of the city who sent his children to public school Viteritti, Therefore, the public can see how schools have progressed with poor, minority and disabled children. Special Education Policy research papers discuss the policy that enabled all children, regardless of their mental, physical, or emotional disabilities. He tries to point out different issues in American and explains new ideas to make the United States better as a strong government. The question now is: is the No Child Left Behind Act seeking to repair the problem, or is it the cause? The goal of the No Child Left Behind Act is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education, and attain a level of proficiency on challenging state academic assessments. To achieve this, the following changes to the educational landscape were undertaken: Annual testing was mandated for reading and math. The term papers and studies reviewed here have presented a broad variety of information and findings pertaining to the type of high-stakes standardized testing that is proposed in president Bush's No Child Left Behind Act. The dramatic lesson ended with each of the students taking a turn in the mechanism that simulated the car crash. Critics of NCLB legislation would also like to see improvement in public school education.

According to the Department of Education the achievement gap is defined as such; The difference between how well low-income and minority children perform on standardized tests as compared with their peers. Using the same time frame less than half the financially challenged and African American students will obtain proficiency in math.

Academic progress was to tracked through proficiency tests. Under NCLB the state must have accountability provisions that include how they will close the achievement gap.

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Department of Education, Schools will not improve if the value is set only on what is tested.

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"The No Child Left Behind Act: An Analysis of its Impact on the Academi" by Valerie Veney