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Sincethat very idea has inspired millions of writers from all over the world to embark on this journey.

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I wrote at 5am in a freezing lean-to conservatory, but it was my special time of the day where I did something truly for myself, and I loved it. You will survive. Prepare to fall, madly, deeply in love with coffee. This is not to say that I don't hope that more novels will be written, particularly by the two dozen-odd authors whose new books I invariably snatch up with a suppressed squeal of excitement. Actually, there are more of those novels than I'll ever be able to read, as well. Embrace it. Yet while there's no shortage of good novels out there, there is a shortage of readers for these books. Sounds fabulous, right? Weekends are for lie-ins, family and having fun.

Writing felt like the hardest thing in the world. That means the authors were paid to be published rather than paying to be printed. A rule of thumb in book publishing is that an unsolicited manuscript has about a 1 in 1, chance of landing a traditional book deal.

Furthermore, I know that there are still undiscovered or unpublished authors out there whose work I will love if I ever manage to find it.

And an astonishing number of individuals who want to do the former will confess to never doing the latter.

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Yet while there's no shortage of good novels out there, there is a shortage of readers for these books. Start marketing! And as my film director son says about movies, simply producing one is a major accomplishment, let alone a good one. The last part of the process that can be done quickly is getting your first draft down. Everything from fanfiction , which uses trademarked characters, to novels in poem format, and metafiction is allowed; according to the website's FAQ, "If you believe you're writing a novel, we believe you're writing a novel too. Otherwise, you can take it a little less seriously without registering, just to put your creative writing skills to the test. Novels are verified for word count by software, and may be scrambled or otherwise encrypted before being submitted for verification, although the software does not keep any other record of text input.

If you want to get serious about it, you can actually register online by clicking here. I rarely got down more than a sentence or two.

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NaNoWriMo spurs aspiring authors to conquer their inner critics and blow past blocks. When I recently stumbled across a list of promotional ideas for bookstores seeking to jump on the bandwagon, true dismay set in.

In her victory-lap blog post, Klug writes of discovering new favorite authors she might otherwise never have encountered, and of her sadness on being reminded that "most Americans don't read ANY books in a given year, or just one or two.

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National Novel Writing Month