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He felt that this conflict would also inevitably be resolved with the creation of communism, but getting there was the trick. This agreement between participants, then, constitutes the first part of the social contract. Actual production costs are known from financial records.

Is government trying to solve absolute poverty — hunger, homelessness, and the like? Thus, he also rejects the offence principle and principle of legal moralism. Rather than having the government punish us for offenses, self-harm, or immoral conduct, we can simply be tolerant and live peaceably with each other.

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Are Natural Rights Grounded in Fact? We would all be on our own to find food and other necessities, without the protection of law or the police.

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In spite of mass casualties, the rebels retain control. While we should sympathize with underprivileged people, any help we give them should be done voluntarily through private charity efforts, and not through governmentally coerced welfare programs. Human beings are paradoxically like both ants and turtles in our community orientation: while we live in complex communities, we typically have a strong sense of individuality. Shorter work hours I believe that ultimately the economy must move to reduced work schedules to avert environmental catastrophe. At the same time, though, my neighbor has rights to my property and my life. Rawls holds that reasonable people will want a lot of economic protection and be willing to place a hefty limit on the wealthy. This changes over time, and the larger question becomes what kind of political systems are most suitable in the present state of affairs. Han Feizi : The major figure of the Chinese Fajia Legalist school, advocated government that adhered to laws and a strict method of administration. The sacrifice, though, is worth it when I consider that the alternative is being stuck in the brutal state of nature and dying at an early age. My point is that the advocates of merit-blind redistribution are morally blind to the possibility that they are mistreating people who have compelling reasons not to help others. A standard estimate says that if anyone could legally work anywhere, this would ultimately double the production of the world.

In that sense, we should think of our community like a giant human being, whose physical and mental features must all work together in complete agreement.

The theory of the divine right of kings became a passing fancy, exposed to the type of ridicule with which John Locke treated it. Right now, workers in places like New York and the Bay Area earn far more than identical workers in other parts of the U.

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Instead of setting tariff rates that are a fixed percentage according to the nation from which the product is derived, I envision a tariff whose rate is a percentage that reflects the difference in labor costs between production in a low-wage country and what the same production would cost in the country where the product is consumed.

The upshot: Governments could do vastly more for the truly poor without raising taxes by a penny.

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My philosophy of government