My family essay for secondary school

i love my family essay

Kevin Marjori banks and Mboya used such combination of family structures to examine differences in the academic goal orientation of African students in South Africa. I really enjoy myself for being first in row in school assembly. Not only is the school excellent in education, but also excellence in sports is achieved.

Our family consist of five people. I am the only son of my parents. Huge windows in the class allow sufficient sunlight into the rooms. My mother is a housewife and my father is a famous doctor.

My family essay for secondary school

Even thinking food? Features possessed by my school smoothens the learning curve and takes stress away from education. A lot of studies show that there is a big effect of the nature of family background on the academic performance of children in school. My family is what my parents had worked for, ie completely happy and satisfied one. It is like a family to me. Family is an important unit of society. Learning takes a course of interactive actions and reactions which implies that it is learning by copying from parents and that everything children do is by and through socialization. I myself wants to be a Civil servant to serve my people in my best capacity. Our grandmother makes us hear good stories. Instead, one has to learn from all extracurricular activities in which one participates. I am a good student, who actively participates in all activities, be it exams or extra curricular activities. I love watching cartoons and animal movies. My father is an Engineer. We are three brothers and sisters.

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Essay on my family

Far away from the buzzing urban setting, my school situated amidst lush greenery in a calm and serene atmosphere. Is it helpful to you? The principal handles our school like a father does to his family. It is situated at the heart of the city, away from the residential areas of the town. In my case, my family of origin is my family related by blood because I grew up in this household my entire life. My school is 20 minutes away from my home. Lunch is when the whole school comes alive with shouts and screams of laughter as we all socialise with fellow classmates.

I am very sincere to my class friends. My teachers are very nice. We render our prayers, hear moral and other instructions from teachers. The students are courteous to each other and their superiors. The activities like, quiz competition, speech and debates, writing competition, sports events, national celebration events, tabloids, dramas etc are often held.

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My School Essay for All Class Students