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This membership fee allows access to a private e-community of like dealers who utilize this industry-specific software to buy and sell wholesale equipment online.

Check Out the Competition Prior to opening a multimedia business in your town, it's a smart move to see what the competition looks like.

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We are a small business, with multi skilled employees dedicated to providing new and creative MultiMedia marketing, and forming the foundation of every Flayvid solution with a superior personal customer service. All members have had some experience administering businesses of their own.

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We intend to break down traditional barriers within Media services by providing a conglomerate of integrated services across all media platforms. Truckbay will focus on four key markets to sell our online classified advertising solutions to: Light Truck Dealers Financial Institutions Individual Owners Our most important group of customers are Dealer Principals and Sales Managers within the Light Truck organizations. The contract should specify the details of services to be performed and the time frame for completion. Here are nuts-and-bolts information that can make your business profitable, stable and built to last. Audio services may include sound editing for music producers, composing scores for film, recording music for independent artists, automated dialog replacement or audio consultation. Use a template provided by websites, such as Microsoft Office Templates, or develop your own format. Truckbay will generate immediate leads and sales by leveraging eBay Motors' massive marketplace and other multi-channel linked websites. Use the materials provided by the SBA website to plan your media business. Long term, it is foreseeable the company will require to attract the services of a wider team, and expand nationally, therefore maximising market potential. The management has been chosen on their ability, experience and success. Working within the industry has taught members to be flexible and they are able to adapt without losing focus.

Flayvid will choose the location in-order to maximise the businesses potential. It's easy. We are operating on a cash basis, accepting pre-paid listings only.

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Carefully choosing an area that draws customers from an entire region, rather than just locally. For example, show samples of news releases you have composed, market research you have completed, interviews you have conducted or links to audio, video and print media you have placed.

Cameron works in the business as a project manager, closely liasing with the divisional managers to ensure effective communication and to help guide and support activities over which they have specific responsilblity.

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Multimedia Business Plan