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Thus all the promotions and distribution of White appliance oven should be made before Diwali so that they can boost their sales at the very beginning. Samsung, To predict what should be the White Appliances position in the market in terms of those financial ratios in future up to This is a risky step as a high sales rate is premise, but it is the only way to solve the chicken-egg-problem of low prices can only be reached through high volume.

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Therefore the strategy has to be controlled and reconsidered all time while implementing, to detect further weaknesses and optimization potential. Demographic Segmentation: White Appliances demographic segmentation will mostly base on Income. The cheap price has to be absorbed by a high volume.

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For think microwave cooking is bland and unimaginative will example, one company prices its ovens between Rs 7, and Rs eat their words. Its goodwill help us to attract customers towards our product.

There are, however, several challenges in the Indian market, not the least of which is the consumers knowledge about microwaves and the manner in which they are perceived as appliances. In , these two groups com- Some people say that using a microwave oven is lazy and bined number million. Microwave companies face a chicken-and-egg question on price and sales. This microwave type will be manufactured in Asia, whereas low production and import costs can be reached, to establish a low product price. So we think the Indian market is lucrative for the business if move forward carefully and strategically. Men no longer have an excuse for not helping in cooking. This gives the opportunities to sell the own product in combination with special kitchen promotion packages and fits to the existing consumer purchase habits. The premium model, which will be launched in the second phase, will be rolled-out to the market with a price of Rs. Although the concept of microwave ovens is Western, microwave technology has advanced to a level that even complex cooking like Indian cooking is possible. But now as there will be products for different income groups so white appliances will catch different geographical locations of India for example Calcutta. Non-Resident-Indians NRI who are coming back with their western food habit are also potential target customers. From wooing the supermom to courting the single male, the journey of microwave ovens has just begun. Warranty of few years will ensure them that the company will replace their product if there in any kind of damage or the company will at least fix their product for free if the damage occurs within the warranty period. Once perceived as a substitute to the toaster oven and grill OTG , microwaves today, according to companies with large shares of this segment, are more than just a reheating device. The middleincome consumer comes looking for novelty, value, and competitive pricing.

One company piggybacks on freshness, a tactic microwave suited to Indian cooking, local manufacturing the company adopts for all its product lines. So we think the Indian market is lucrative for the business if move forward carefully and strategically.

Their promotional programs and commercials should include some important points such as: Green marketing: White appliances follow green marketing.

A microwave oven is beginning to replace the demand for a second television or a bigger refrigerator. White appliance should also use CSR, Sponsoring, and Coupon discount for their promotional activities Page 6 Pricing Strategy: For our price segmentation we established three different models to differentiate with our competitors. Besides these in India at rural area most of the house wife keep they busy in kitchen almost all day but a microwave oven can reduce their work almost half and it is a great opportunity to capture their mind to use this products and expand sells. Prices will not come down easily until volumes go dias Reliance Industries Ltd. When asked about the nonurban market, one microwave oven company executive commented, We know its an alien concept for the rural consumer, but we want to do our homework now to reap the benets years later. Distribution Chanel. Efforts to grow the market are concentrated in large urban areas with routine fare such as organized cookery classes, recipe contests, and in-house demos, giving away accessories such as glass bowls, aprons, and gloves as freebies and hosting co-promotions. In the early days, microwave ovens did not gure at all in the consumers purchase list. Which way will the microwave oven go in the Indian mar- To change the way you look, just change the way you cook was ket? Better access to consumer awareness and the big advantages that microwave cooking could bring to consumers also strengthens the possibilities of a White Appliances. So a huge number of customer can be expected as the demand for microwave oven is rising so quickly in India. Non-Resident-Indians NRI who are coming back with their western food habit are also potential target customers. Selling through Retailer: In this distribution channel there will be intermediary they will as for the commission. One of the older company marketing managers, who has worked in microwave marketing most of his career, is somewhat skeptical about the prospects of rapid growth of the Indian market.
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Case 1 4 Marketing Microwave Onvens to a New Market Segment