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When we go to select a book editor, how do we know that that person really is a professional? You may have a great book, but do you have a great pitch? There are way too many to feature without overloading this page, so if you want to continue browsing, you can see more here.

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How do you reconcile the two? Ebook Launch Another place to find professional editing service is the team at Ebook Launch. I also appreciated his patience and friendliness. Simple as that. Availability is very limited due to the comprehensive nature of this service. This will be a chance to find out if they can make your book better, keep your voice, and work well with you.

COM Ebook Launch is one of the best book cover designers I know—especially for the trickier covers which call for more creative, out of the box solutions.

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Even a near-perfect piece of work can benefit from a keen editorial eye. No doubt in my mind that Ebook Launch cared about my project and went the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied.

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As a former literary agent with eight years of experience in the traditional publishing industry, I can't wait to dig into your manuscript. Synopsis are so difficult, but after getting her feedback I had a clear list of what worked in mine and what needed changes. Some readers even gushed over them in their reviews. Our book editors have years of experience with editing and have been tested to make sure they know what they are doing. While I am first and foremost a children's book editor, from fun picture books to gritty young adult novels, the craft of fiction is the same across all categories and genres. Plus, your editor will recommend the specific level of book editing that your writing requires. My goal for our work together is to inspire you to do a truly transformational revision. Please don't hesitate to contact me about any project, in any style, for any audience. I will use them again next time I am inspired to write another book. Highly recommended. This advice will be based both on your own specific artistic ambitions and the commercial requirements of an often brutal industry. Does your story idea work? For my middle grade story I am extremely grateful to her for pointing the way out of some muddled thoughts to a clear story with a strong spine throughout. We consider every sentence, paragraph, character, plot point, and argument when editing. The truth about grammar is that there are LOTS of different nuances and even varying rules.
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