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Human resource contributes massively to the achievement and realization of the goals and objectives of a company. These are the people who are entrusted to help meet the organizations objectives. Some of the aforementioned twists arise internally from the organization's need to achieve new status. Economies in which organizations are based are dynamic. Motivation as a HRM activity can completely change the perception of employees while in the work environment. The evolution of Human Resource Management has taken the focal point off of the administrative side and gone more towards the operational side of HRM tasks and responsibilities Khan and Mushtaq Communication system helps in understanding the viewpoints of each other and taking up remedial steps, if needed. Women are underrepresented in the workplace, with this being exceptionally evident in senior leadership Baker, Along with the organization, it can be applied for any business or for the entire nation. The task of making an otherwise unpleasant issue acceptable lies squarely at the HRM's office. Achievement of organization's objectives depends on the individually and collective efforts put in by its work force. Because of passive attitude at the top, this work is handled by personnel management people. First, HRM manages the demand for human resources.

HRM helps in spotting right person for the right jobs. Exit may result from retrenchment, obsolescence, retiring, resignation or termination of employment.

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Good human resource practices help in attracting and retaining the best people in the organisation. The importance of HRM has increased because of the shortage of really good managerial talent in the country. However, just like every business field, people who work in the human resource department face many challenges when it comes to discrimination.

Finally, the HRM is responsible in managing implementation of change. One source of staff diversification is the demographic development in the workforce, with particular interest on the participation of females Lauring and Selmer, This essay will comprise of what is meant by Human Resource Management.

More specifically, Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, used rating scales to measure job performance, and then fired hundreds of employees using that data

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