How to write a two page business letter

To avoid any miscommunications, use straightforward, concise language. Dixie just wanted to reiterate this point here Follow the first page's format except for the header instead of letterhead.

format for second page of letter

Furthermore, there if there is no signature at the bottom of the first page, then it is quite obvious to the reader that the page is not the end of the letter. Date The date should be the day on which you completed the letter, written in standard U.

If the paragraph is short, it's better to move the whole thing to the second page.

business letter signature on second page

Even now some business writing experts recommend using the header starting from the third page justifying it by the fact that if there are just two pages in a letter it's easy to understand which is which. Military titles such as General, Colonel, Major, etc.

business letter format

Only include your street address, city, state, and zip code. Now that you've learned the secrets of writing an effective business letter, you're ready to start composing.

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Multiple Page Business Letter