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Now, the Gaslamp Quarter pop-up will open when the user triggers the story action. Preview your Map Journal and share your story Now that you've created a few sections and actions, you'll preview your Map Journal as it will appear to your audience.

Try Planio. Teachers should monitor and support students as they work.

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When you're finished adding images, click Add to complete the section. If you were going to publish and promote this Map Journal, you might use the Header tab in the Settings window and upload your agency's logo to your story. Your user map tells a story. For inspiration, look at some of the examples in the Story Map Journal Gallery. Then, you'll choose a layout and title. The last project management tool you'll ever need. The Main Stage pane is the larger display area to the right of the side panel. This means you have to be able to boil down each plot line to one question. This section will include a web map in the main stage and text and a photo in the side panel.

In the Enter your title box, type Welcome to San Diego. The Select a map window opens. Story Maps can be used with both fiction i.

Tip: If you add a legend to your map, you can configure it so that it's open by default.

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Now, the Gaslamp Quarter pop-up will open when the user triggers the story action. At this point, you want to go wide, not deep. How do you put together a story map like this? The other components of the story may be mapped out during the reading process. The map loads, enabling you to pan and zoom to define the location you want to display. Click the green points to discover some fun places, or blue points to learn more about some great places to get food. The map navigates to the location you specified. Teachers should monitor and support students as they work. The beginning-middle-end format is the simplest; other more complex maps can be used with more advanced students. The image and caption are added to your text. Talk it through and make sure everyone understands the vision and overarching goal of the user story mapping session. Now that you have the map you want, you can add a pop-up that engages your audience and provides them with information about specific locations. By mapping your story out in this way, you can tease apart the different plot threads in your story and make sure that each story arc makes sense in terms of build-up and tension. One great way to test for gaps is to have someone walk through the scenario or from a different perspective i. See the research that supports this strategy Adler, C.

Next, you'll add some text and an image to the side panel. You can use this button to return to the previous view. What product do you want to build or what feature do you want to add?

Math:Story maps can be used to help students solve open-ended math problems.

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Your Map Journal opens in a new tab. Now that you have your scenes sorted out and you know which scene falls where, you can draw your map and look at how the different plot lines intercept. Washington, DC: The U. One of the simplest ways to do this is just to ask: What does our product do? Differentiate which story map to give to which students. Like any planning tool, a user story map is outdated the second you walk out of the room. The most basic focus on the beginning, middle, and end of the story. The Add Section window opens. Step 2: Figure out your main story threads and the Dramatic Question related to each. In the Share Your Story window, change the privacy setting to Public. User stories are short, simple feature descriptions told from the perspective of your users and customers. The Select a map window opens. It supports two layouts: Side Panel and Floating Panel. The map navigates to the location you specified. For a downloadable version of the story map below, click here and sign up with your email address.

These elements will make your story easier to find and look good when you share your map via social media. On the map, click the green point in the Gaslamp Quarter neighborhood.

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A Guide to User Story Mapping: Templates and Examples (How to Map User Stories)