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Soft skills like organisation, attention to detail and leadership should be used moderately if they are essential to the roles you are applying to.

It will help recruiters if you highlight your name in bold in the list of authors; if you are at the beginning of your career include accepted articles and those under review. Just your name. Unless you are an internal applicant, how does this kind of pedantry help the selectors decide to put you on their shortlist? You can achieve that by quickly demonstrating your value to potential employers. Show that you have done your homework, because it says something about how seriously you want the job. They are the fruit of more than 10 years' combined experience as a researcher, teacher, and academic careers adviser at the University of Cambridge. And, yes, it does matter. Remember that I'm going to be skimming your CV, not reading it in detail. This format showcases your qualifications and further skills where relevant, placing experience or work history second — handy if you lack direct work experience. But if I had to sum up my advice in just one line, it would be this: don't go on about the achievements you're most proud of; prioritise the ones that are most relevant to your intended employer.

What do recruiters find easy to read? Consider adding a second appendix for your conference experience.

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Here are some techniques the winners used to create outstanding, attention-grabbing CVs for graduates. Lay out the pages so that the sides are complete — half-pages look like you have run out of ideas.

What did they pick up in that time? Everybody admires endeavour and commitment; these are yours to claim. If you've taught modules or topics relevant to the new post, then say so. First, you have to keep seeing it on the page, so don't spend too long editing your CV on the screen before you print it out to take a look. Your aim is to invite your reader in. Someone reading fast will turn the page and jump straight to the next heading, which means that whatever content has been 'held over' from the previous page could well go entirely unread. Showing your skill and ability to bring money into the department or university is crucial. If you work in the creative sector you might want to consider how you present your CV. If your achievements are academic, write your CV around these. Keep diversity information for a diversity survey — never mention your gender; age; martial status or whether you have children. What should I leave out? Look at all these important things! You can achieve that by quickly demonstrating your value to potential employers. Many selection committee members say that the first document they look at is the CV. As well as freelance opportunities, there are more chances to go in-house.

There is also some debate about whether revealing you have worked part-time could work against you. It shows that you're fundamentally eligible to do the advertised job, and it offers a run-down of your career to date.

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Secondly, the best test of whether it's scannable is — drum roll, please — whether someone can scan it. First, it looks professional.

I don't mind'. Bring in details about marking or setting exams or student assessments. Put a stopwatch on them for 90 seconds and ask them to read through the CV. Bring the teaching section forward and expand it. The profile of the third CV emphasises leadership and an international focus. Here are some techniques the winners used to create outstanding, attention-grabbing CVs for graduates. Start your list of qualifications from your degree onwards — recruiters will not be interested in your GCSEs or O levels. If they want somebody with experience of supervising research students, then be sure that I can read about your experience of supervising research students without the need to pause, ponder, or decrypt.

Break up sections by using subheadings, e. Be aware that if you do not mention your A-level grades or the university you attended, for example, recruiters may conclude that you have something to hide.

The entire first page of the second CV centres on academic highlights, drawing attention to awards and application of theory.

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