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The expenses portion should include personnel costs, direct project costs, and administrative or overhead expenses. Most funding agencies have specific requirements for the title page; make sure to follow them. If it isn't, they and you can move on. Now is the time to sell it by painting a picture of how you will be solving the problem that you laid out previously. Many foundations now prefer to receive an LOI as the first step toward funding. Provide quantifiable goals or budgets for objectives when possible. Be very explicit about the skill sets of the personnel already in place you will probably include their Curriculum Vitae as part of the proposal. An unclear or vague problem is not. Be complete in this part of your proposal even if you know the funder or have gotten grants from this organization before. Your executive summary should be 4 to 6 paragraphs long and contain some specific details on your plans, structure, and budget. Even when proposal guidelines do not specifically mention a narrative, be sure to include a one or two page explanation of the budget. Many organizations hire an outside evaluator to get an objective assessment.

If you are too wordy from the start you will scare your reader away and they will not even make it to the meat of your grant proposal. Clearly state the positive impact your program will have. Qualitative methods? But, in reality, there are several types of proposals.

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Revising your proposal Strong grant proposals take a long time to develop. This section may be the last one that you complete as it is a synopsis of the entire proposal.

Remember what it's like to be a novice and write your need statement accordingly.

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Read through your entire methods and strategies section again, noting each individual instance in which your organization will need to expend resources. The full explanations will come later.

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3 Types of Grant Proposals: Which One Should You Write?