Google glass business report

Balaban then installed face-scanning Glassware that creates a summary of commonalities shared by the scanned person and the Glass wearer, such as mutual friends and interests.

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Smart glasses can tell employees the fastest route to the products that they need, and they can automatically scan barcodes with a glance.

Businesses can use these apps and others to help employees work smarter in a shorter amount of time.

Brain Power's apps use the newest AI and neuroscience principles for a heads-up, engaging experience for the user. Like the video cameras already installed in police vehicles, these videos could capture interactions in real time, providing backup for emergencies or claims from disgruntled criminals who want to shift blame back to the police force.

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Google Glass apps like YourShow , Glassentation and Speech Helper allow speakers to display and control slides for presentations and view notes while speaking. Applications such as Crystal Shopper and GlassPay allow users to scan barcodes automatically to compare prices, make purchases with bitcoins and compile purchases to a centralized location. It can be overwhelming when you stop to consider the many potential uses of Google Glass and other IoT devices for small and large businesses. Mashable recently featured Active Ants, an e-fulfillment company in the Netherlands that gave Google Glass to two stock pickers and measured the results over a period of a week. Doctors at Dignity Health have been using Glass with an application from Augmedix called "a remote scribe" that allows them to continue looking at patients, listening as they talk, and asking questions, while note taking work is performed in the background. For example, Sherwin Williams debuted an app that analyzes a picture a user takes and shows the color match with their products. Whether this feature would translate well to an office environment is up for debate. Externally, Google Glass applications could help improve the customer experience. Google Glass offers apps that aid in navigation, trip information, emergency notifications, currency conversion and more. Messaging using either device impaired driving as compared to driving without multi-tasking. Subjects were asked to use either Google Glass or a smartphone-based messaging interface and were then interrupted with an emergency event. You May Also Like.

Google is aiming for an early to mid debut of the gadget to the general public, and has already released a Glass Development Kit or GDK to app developers. And, it is another level of that, so instead of just me trying to share a desktop or document with someone I could be holding it up in front of me and people could be seeing what I'm seeing or coaching me through documentation.

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For example, the energy industry uses the standard for electrical substation automation systems to be able to communicate with each other. A group of students at The Ohio State University College of Medicine also observed the operation on their laptop computers.

In Voice controls Glass Enterprise Edition 2, like its predecessor, can be controlled by voice commands or by swiping the side of the frame. Current apps range from those that help locate forgotten items to those that check to make sure workers have categorized items correctly.

Following the procedure, Kaeding stated, "To be honest, once we got into the surgery, I often forgot the device was there. Many of consumers' complaints about Glass become inconsequential when the device is used for work purposes.

google glass business report
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Business Features of Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2