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In this example, we printed address of function funsum, which is 0x. Typically I can set it up to trigger either on read or write access, or both. GDB sets a hardware watchpoint if possible. Debugging as usual. In Eclipse we must first install the plugin. In your project folder, it generates the firmware. The current source file is the last file whose source text was printed. But at least I can change the other properties. Usually all what I know is the memory adddress of the data, maybe what is written, but not what or who is writing to that location. Delete or disable unused hardware breakpoints before setting new ones see section Disabling breakpoints. The program is printch, which can take an optional command line argument. It works on all OSes. Sign up using Google Sign up using Facebook Setting a breakpoint at an address with gdb.

It should now look like in this video at the 3 second mark. Watchpoints are of three kinds: watch: gdb will break when a write occurs. Start openocd with the command given above. To their defense: what the silicon designers put into the silicon is sometimes not easy to use neither, and varies from one microcontroller to another.

breakpoint on memory access gdb

If it did not do this, you would be unable to proceed past a breakpoint without first disabling the breakpoint.

Depending on my hardware capabilities and memory architecture, I can specify the memory space e. This tutorial only requires a hardware debug probe and free software to work.

Difference between watchpoint and breakpoint in gdb

The breakpoint will stop your program just before it executes any of the code on that line. This might be very sporadic, or takes a long while until it happens. Compile the program printch. Basically, we just need to adjust the used firmware. Most vendors offer a few watchpoints, and even a single one can save me many hours of debugging. And luckily this is supported in eclipse and CodeWarrrior. In this example, we printed address of function funsum, which is 0x.

For other OSes, similiar procedures are given there, too. Breakpoints View The watchpoints are listed in the Breakpoint view as other breakpoints. This all takes time.

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