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How to write 2.5 percent in words

As always, the tips provided here are valuable for many. If the figure 4. If words are obviously more confusing than digits, use digits. Anyone suggesting otherwise is missing the point. These are all correct. Education and psychology use the APA style guide. It seems to me that she really does want to find an answer, not just discuss the point, so to say she shouldn't do it at all is not really helping. If you don't follow the manual's specific guidelines, you may end up wasting all your efforts. You will improve your English in only 5 minutes per day, guaranteed! A number is an abstract concept while a numeral is a symbol used to express that number.

But see rule 3! Notice, however, that some places around the world use the dot as a separator and the comma to denote decimals. Subscribe to Daily Writing Tips today!

% or percent ap style

That they are financially significant is a non-issue. Daniel on July 31, pm Good point Emmanuel, common sense should help here as usual. It does not say anything about number equal or greater than ten. Symbols sometimes lead to confusion when used, unless required by the specific guide.

For one thing, I worked at a bank for three years, and we certainly did use several decimal places in certain circumstances: just think of currency exchange rates taken out to six figures on a regular basis.

I just added this info to the post, thanks for asking.

how do you write percentages in apa format
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Percent or Per Cent? (3 Tips on Writing Percentages)