Essays on situational ethics

Growing up in a diverse culture and mix of communities has caused me to stop and think about what I see, hear and experienced all the time.

Furthermore, if this can be done, should all such decisions be left to machines equipped with this set of axioms to eliminate the potential for human error and to what extent would this be practical When we think about things from an outsider point of view, it seems easy to make what we call the right decision, but when in the moment, making the decision takes quick thinking and reasoning to decide how best to handle the situation.

When the trooper came up to the window Mr In contrast, situation ethics refers to a definition of right and wrong rooted in the uniqueness and variability of social situations rather than according to absolute principle. We will write a custom essay sample on Examine the Key Ideas of Situation Ethics or any similar topic only for you Order Now Situation Ethics developed during the s and the post war generation was a great influence on this.

criticisms of situation ethics

If good comes of it, it is right. This allowed young women to have sex whenever and with whoever they pleased. Fletcher developed his theory by drawing on a wide range of cases that could not be resolved by applying fixed rules and principles.

Using Restraint in the treatment of the mentally ill brings about some issues, one being whether it is ethical to do so. Other theories of philosophy, such as consequentialism, take away our ability to separate ourselves from one another by focusing on the results in a given situation, essentially turning us into computers rather t If they are fine when they start, they should be along on the climb.

Despite it's attempt to find the middle ground between antinomianism and legalism, there are not enough rules for it to be claimed the true middle ground between the two.

Essays on situational ethics

Fletcher rejected Natural Law. There is no universalism in ethics because it depends on the culture, situation and background. Working for a Christian preschool you would imagine that having and displaying good morals and ethics would be a must, however just like with any workplace there are those who sometimes break or they may say bend these ethical rules and display behavior that should not be revealed in any type of situation, especially in the workplace. It could be argued that such a persons motives were not loving, but the application of a rather nebulous concept of love to their own principles, resulting in possible exploitation of the Ethics fundamentals. If an action causes harm, it is wrong. Fletcher also drew on situations that he had experienced firsthand, but most of all he would act situationally to help people. For example, an absolute view would be that honesty is a moral principle and should be followed in all situations. It is most commonly associated with Joseph Fletcher and J. Central to this process is the idea that situational elements alter cases, which in turn alter the principles guiding behavior.

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