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He owns his own law practice and also has an assortment of scribes who work for him. This is a unifying theme as so many readers can relate to such maddening work.

Bartleby shows great acquisition at copying documents and works diligently all day and night.

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We are left to assume that Bartleby and his gray eyes starved to death, wasting away. The American dream to me is quite simple, happiness living in America. It includes describing the position and person in the story. The lawyer is a smart and observant man that runs a small law practice with four employees. The subtitle carries the baggage of the emerging capitalistic culture, but it also alludes to the confinement that walls enable Person is way the narrator shows the character and their attitude. Depression, if left untreated can become so severe that it is possible to cause someone to lose the will to live.

The narrator is a successful lawyer who hires Bartleby. He even starves himself to death by refusing to eat, but in the end, the spirit of Bartleby still remains alive and haunts the narrator. He lives out of the offices all the time, even when the area is deserted and devoid of people on weekends.

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The theme in "Bartleby the Scrivener" revolves around three main developments: Bartleby's existentialistic point of view, the lawyer's portrayal of egotism and materialism, and the humanity they both possess The lawyer, although an active member of society, alienates himself by forming walls from his own egotistical and materialistic character.

Kahn, Andrew. In Herman Melville's "Bartleby, the Scrivener," the lawyer performs charitable conduct toward Bartleby to acquire self-approval and an honorable conscience. Every time the narrator tries to assist Bartleby, he seems to do it only to gratify himself Doing this, Melville introduces several important prompts for the reader to ponder over.

Shortly after, Bartleby manages to drive the narrator crazy by doing absolutely nothing.

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Themes in his stories parallel those in the Bible to teach about good and evil.

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