English 103

English 102

Prerequisite: appropriate placement. Below is a list of the courses offered for Fall ENG is subject to curriculum review by the writing committee. Instructors are urged to evaluate and revise individual syllabuses on a regular basis. From the seedy underbelly of the restaurant business to the joys one takes in using food as a metaphor for murder to recipes galore, our reading and writing journey will take us into the depths of eating and preparing to eat. You will develop your aptitude for understanding and employing writing as a means of applied critical thinking about poetry, essays, music, memoirs and works of fiction, as well as interpretations of art. Each First-Year Writing instructor offers a unique theme. We look forward to hearing from you.

We look forward to hearing from you. Each First-Year Writing instructor offers a unique theme. Prospective Student Inquiries Please send inquiries to coas drexel. Immigration in America Instructor: Richard Astro Engl There is no more talked about and contentious issue then immigration in the United States currently, even though discussions and disputes about immigration have been part and parcel of the American experience from the moment we Americans began managing our own affairs.

English 103

Requirements As an outcome of the course content and format, which enable the accomplishment of the course goals, students in ENG are required to complete: Four or more writing projects, approximately three to four pages each that address different rhetorical situations Reading assignments for discussion, analysis, and response Informal writing assignments such as journals, reading reflections, in-class writings, or smaller pieces that lead to the major writing assignments.

A grade of W will not replace a previous grade. We are all familiar with the notion that we are "a nation of immigrants.

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The in-class activities and assignments in this course will help you learn from a variety of sources. Specifically, the writing will range from short restaurant reviews and your reactions to various food trends to major essays discussing themes in our texts.

Course Description ENG Rhetoric and Writing 3 Introduces and develops understanding of principles of rhetoric; basic research methods; elements, strategies, and conventions of persuasion used in constructing written and multi-modal texts. Prerequisite: appropriate placement.

Evaluation Students provide anonymous evaluations of the course. Instructor: Miriam Kotzin Engl All the reading is available on lineā€”no text book purchases. You will practice writing for the contexts of literature, history, the arts, sciences and personal reflection.

Indeed then, rather than calling ourselves a nation of immigrants, perhaps we should refer to America as "a nation by design.

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