Employment and labor relations presentation

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The company should have not made losses in previous 3 years. Ideology acceptance of the system and participants. Unions can fight with strikes, product boycotts, picketing, and corporate campaigns.

The vast majority of labor—management negotiations do not result in a strike because a strike is typically not in the best interests of either party.

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All rights reserved 19 Learning Goal 4 4 What is the collective bargaining process, and what key issues are included in the union contract? It must be approved by shareholders in the AGM Annual general meeting by passing special resolution. The Equal Remuneration Act, Equal pay for equal work regardless of gender. What initially appeared to be a strategic win-win approach to labor relations on the part of united has evolved into a longer term problem with no remedy in sight. Unions, in general, have experienced a steady decline in membership. How well does the process adjust to changing circumstances? How do employees file a grievance? The act also banned excessive or discriminatory dues and fees and made it unlawful for picketing union members to block nonstriking employees from entering the business to go to work. In the final stage, momentum may build toward settlement or pressure may build as an impasse becomes more apparent. It represents labor's interests in public policy issues and provides numerous services to its members, in terms of research and education. In following three years the price of the United stock nearly quadrupled in response to its enhanced financial performance. Corporate campaigns bring public, financial or political pressure on employers during the organizing and negotiating process. A drive for commitment through employee involvement and communication processes. Employers cannot interfere with, restrain, or coerce employees in exercising their Section 7 rights. Unions' ability to organize whole industries has declined, and therefore wages are rarely taken out of competition.

Craft unions are those that organize members of a particular skill or trade, such as electricians or plumbers. All rights reserved 9 Learning Goal 2 2 What role did federal law play in the development of the union-management relationship?

Chapter 15 labor relations and collective bargaining

In addition, the plan was only scheduled to operate for five year and nine months. What is the collective bargaining process, and what key issues are included in the union contract? However , since United stocks hit its peak in ,its value has declined by close to 50 percent. Lack of Substitutes for the Product—A strike is less costly if customers cannot purchase substitute goods. If the employer refuses to recognize the union voluntarily, the NLRB conducts a secret ballot election. In some industries, such as steel and auto manufacturing, fringe benefits are 40 percent of the total cost of compensation. Employers also used the courts to enforce yellow-dog contracts, in which employees agree not to join a labor union as a condition of being hired. These ULPs parallel those listed previously. Multiple Production Sites and Staggered Contracts—These permit the shifting of work from a struck site.

Anticipate union demands by maintaining an awareness of the union perspective. The Great Depression of the s shifted public attitudes toward business and the free-enterprise system.

Employment and labor relations presentation

Along the union members, united pilots were the biggest beneficiaries of the plan, receiving 25 percent of the company stock despite the fact that they constituted 10 percent of the workforce. All rights reserved 14 The Legal Environment of Unions Chapter 1 Chapter 11 The Legal Environment of Unions 2 Landrum-Griffin Act of Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act Deals with the internal affairs of labor unions Bill of rights for members Rules for electing union officials Safeguards to help make unions financially sound Requires that unions file annual financial reports The Landrum-Griffin Act deals mostly with the internal affairs of labor unions. The shares must be given for consideration other than cash. A drive for commitment through employee involvement and communication processes. Can the company continue to operate in the short run despite a strike? Identify labor relations, goals of management, labor unions and society. Employers can fight with lockouts, strike replacements, and mutual-aid pacts. Craft guilds were made of skilled artisans who pushed for better working conditions. For the industrial relations system to operate properly, the three participants must, to some degree, have a common ideology like acceptance of the capitalist system and must accept the roles of the other participants. Concession bargaining involves the union giving contract gains for the workers back to management. The Equal Remuneration Act, Equal pay for equal work regardless of gender. The United airline had cost-saving by reducing pay and salaries. The American Federation of Labor was formed in , and pressed for better recognition and more power for union members, collective bargaining, and the right to strike to improve wages, hours, and working conditions. Data on grievances, compensation, and benefits must be examined as well.
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Chapter 14 Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations