Distribution channel of maruti suzuki essays

Opportunities Maruti increased purchasing power of Indian middle class category.

distribution strategy of maruti suzuki

During the growth stage the goal is to gain customer preference and increase sales. Maruti got a very good response for its old ware house which imposed the company to make other launches, In Maruti launched Maruti Suzuki Omni.

It is beneficial to the retailer also as they obtain exclusive rights to distribute products of a prominent brand and gain preferential support and assistance from supplier in relation to day-to-day management matters and merchandise. Possible to take out some production cost, to transfer production to a cheaper facility, sell to other cheaper markets.

Competition is the most intense as companies fight to maintain their market share. Any expenditure on research and development is likely to improve production efficiency and quality. The marketing mix of Maruti in the growth stage is as follows These are characterized by its rapid growth in sales and profits.

S-Cross and Baleno.

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Maruti suzuki india limited marketing essay