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The movie genre was not spontaneously chosen either: these were Westerns that demoralized the Native American population and depicted them in the worst possible way.

There are four main characters in the whole book. By writing a letter to John Wayne, Erdrich is able to generalize an industry that has normalized the stereotyping and racial profiling of an entire culture.

The last stanza shows the lingering nature of racial stereotypes. Though the poem was written many years ago, the ideas it emphasizes are still important today.

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Though the poem was written over thirty years ago, many of these stereotypes are still prominent today. Today, all these theories, and more, are researched and taken into account when trying to understand why a criminal does what they do. Education Full Text H.

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He was the second of three children. The setting of the poem unveils in the cinema: the speaker with another person probably a friend or a boyfriend are sitting in a drive-in theater and watching a Western movie. Native Americans in the movie portrayed as the antagonist due to their motive to attack first shows the stereotypes rampant among popular culture. The Norton Anthology of American Literature. Waynes importance in the poems message cannot be overlooked due to the fact he is the actor most closely related to the Wild West. Racism and stereotypes pointed at the Native American people is far from extinct. Due to the words incorrect nature, this slang term is disrespectful to the Native American society. Louise Erdrich, a Native American poet and non-fiction writer, wrote the poem,? This is shown by the startling realization by the characters as they are leaving the movie that racism is not something they can simply escape.

I believe that what the Author was trying to say is, before you can understand Native American traditions and culture, you have to understand the suffering like they did, and what the white people did to their culture.

The narrator views the constant clichs prevalent throughout the movie as enormously humorous.

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Analysis Of The Book ' Dear John Wayne ' By Louise Erdrich