Creative portfolio ideas writing a book

What you have already done is the best predictor of what you can do in the future for prospective clients.

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If lines meet, it means projects fall into more than one category. Her site scores highly on both, with a great use of colour, delightfully smooth scrolling and a snazzy eye motif.

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What You Do. In short, this portfolio website is a real one-off. In order to maximize your odds of standing out from your peers, you need an impressive digital portfolio that can highlight your skills and accomplishments. These work together to make each individual project much more enticing than it might have seemed on a more cookie-cutter site. In this example, the artist transformed his portfolio into a magazine, something that people often browse, read and even keep on their coffee table. Watch your inbox for the latest articles and features. Red thread runs throughout the portfolio, connecting the identity and products For many designers, presenting work is as easy as slinging a tablet in a bag! Her mail-out is designed to grab potential employers' attention from the start Her deluxe mailer consisted of a page printed portfolio in a tabloid format, along with self-branded business cards and a traditionally formatted CV, all produced to a high quality that she felt was needed to represent herself to design agencies. There are many tools you can use to help generate a high quality, creative portfolios quickly.

Format Theme: Peak Alice Driver Award-winning and widely-published journalist Alice Driver includes a detailed yet concise biography introducing who she is and what she does, allowing visitors to her site to quickly understand the focus of her work.

But the works from your printed portfolio can also be shared, so long as you design your portfolio in such a way that allows for it.

creative portfolio ideas writing a book

These print portfolios show work, design commitment, and serious creativity. Shares Buy Now Creating stunning graphic design portfolios is a task open to interpretation.

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Looking at those portfolios can help you decide what you do and don't like, which will clarify what you want yours to achieve. Made entirely out of cardboard and paper, her creative kit consists of 'The tiny book of big ideas', coloured pencils, an eraser, and a sharpener, all of them placed neatly into allocated slots in her cardboard packaging.

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Fuentes used iron-on transfers to customise each fabric envelope Emil Kozole Designer Emil Kozole created this clever printed portfolio to support his CD of work Working in both print and digital formats, designer Emil Kozole created this printed presentation to support the CD with his work on. It's completely handmade, mostly with found materials, my favorite being the spine made from orange duct tape I have never been able to re-find, sadly. What you have already done is the best predictor of what you can do in the future for prospective clients. These print portfolios show work, design commitment, and serious creativity. I would argue that if you are only using digital platforms to present your work samples, you are selling yourself and your work short. His writing portfolio includes a selection of publications with a brief description of each one. Do you know how to create your own custom die cuts? Nathan Hinz US designer Nathan Hinz went uber-crafty on his print portfolio to create something of standout quality. Last year, de Vries created this colourful paper portfolio featuring a selection of his best projects from to Examples of Your Work. Attention to detail is key to this carefully crafted package Give a reason for keeping the portfolio The physicality of a printed portfolio makes it hard for a client to part with it, even if their initial impression of you is chilly.
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10 Writers with Portfolios that Stand Out