Challenges of women entrepreneurs in bangladesh

Till now, the ratio of women competitors is not satisfactory with the male entrepreneurs in the main stream business sectors like production, export- import, trading.

Challenges of women entrepreneurs in bangladesh

These organisations are providing necessary services like training, motivation, mentoring support and any other necessary required services within their limits. Support services Importance of women entrepreneurs in the national development process has been acknowledged.

problems and prospects of entrepreneurship in bangladesh

The women employment ratio is even more disappointing. Parents tend to provide financial support to their sons for business but not to the daughters as many of them consider that the business will go under the control of future son-in-law and there is no benefit for them the parents.

Rural entrepreneurship in bangladesh

Though in the education system, girls are doing great but the reality is that till now our society encourages our women to become only housewives. Till now, the ratio of women competitors is not satisfactory with the male entrepreneurs in the main stream business sectors like production, export- import, trading. If it can appropriately be done, they might have mentionable contributions in our desired socio-economic development. This increasing awareness on the part of the government has led to the adoption of national policies to facilitate a development process involving women in all spheres particularly in economic activities focusing especially on entrepreneurship development. Women genuinely love their work, are willing to put in those extra hours to make the business succeed, and research ways to make the business better. The scenario of women entrepreneurship is not satisfactory in Bangladesh though it started changing. Arranging guarantors for bank borrowing is a big challenge for women. Though these enterprises include large enterprises, the picture is true for SMEs as 99 per cent of the enterprises are micro, small or medium in size. However, non-financial issues are still prominent in accessing loans. To improve women's socioeconomic status, it is necessary to formulate appropriate government policies, take necessary actions and introduce effective measures to integrate women in the mainstream development process. These challenges and concerns of women entrepreneurs and the priority services needed by them should be raised before the policy makers for implementation of the existing policies as well as for developing new policies to support smooth and effective engagement of women entrepreneurs in their businesses.

Support should be given to expand activities of women chambers who are actually working with women at the grassroots Arranging documents is a big concern for business.

Women are often better at building long-term relationships than men.

Government action for developing entrepreneurship in bangladesh

In the absence of these initiatives women entrepreneurs face a number of obstacles and challenges to access finance. So it is very apparent what the role of society is in case of women in Bangladesh. The borrowers need to know the possible risks of borrowing. Policies and programmes Government strategies in its National Action Plan NAP for the development of women's entrepreneurship include: 1. Although women entrepreneurs are supposed to receive collateral-free loan for loan up to Tk 2. If the applicant is married, in majority of the cases, the spouse needs to be the guarantor. In Bangladesh, the safety of women is not that much satisfactory which can allow women entrepreneurs to do so. The massacre at the Holey Artisan Bakery and incidences of militancy and terrorism have created restrictions for business in different identified areas.

Types of production units and trades include Handloom weaving and spinning, Mat making, Fishing net making, Paddy husking by Dheki, oil production by Ghani, and jute goods production, pottery, cane and bamboo products, sericulture and silk weaving, honey making, screen-print and batik, embroidery, dressmaking, tailoring, woodcraft and furniture, dyeing and printing, and book binding.

Development of entrepreneurial skills of women through Entrepreneurship Development Training 7.

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Overall, the recent trend of developing women entrepreneurship is comparatively positive in our country. The majority of women are not only poor, but also caught between two vastly different worlds—the world determined by culture and tradition that confines their activities inside family homesteads, where they are regarded more as a commodity necessary only for bearing and rearing children, and the world shaped by increasing landlessness and poverty, which places them outside the home into various economic activities for survival. Generally a lot of challenges discourage them to walk though the entrepreneurial journey in Bangladesh. Banks are also reluctant to process small loans despite having a desk to attend SME entrepreneurs. In this case, women are impeded by the lack of mobility, lower rate of literacy and prejudiced attitude towards them. Through facing the challenges they are involving themselves in business activities. Till now, the ratio of women employment is very low even though Bangladesh government has the special policy to increase the number of women employees through quota system in the government sector. Owning your accomplishments 4. Sometime banks do not provide proper explanation of rejecting a loan application to the applicant. Female entrepreneurs face problems like equal access to credit, skill enhancement training programmes, and market facilities. Since women's empowerment depends on taking part in various development activities, it is therefore observed that the involvement of women in various entrepreneurial activities has empowered them in social, economic and cultural fields.
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SME: Challenges women entrepreneurs face