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During this segment, the Tsarist soldiers are seen massacring the Odessans The second type of montage that Eisenstein uses to create concepts and ideas is metric montage. Were we to just witness him casting the plate to the ground, it would not effect us in the same way.

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This scene heavily implements the technique of montage, cutting to the mourning faces of sailors and civilians alike, driving the narrative by illustrating the pain caused by the actions of the Tsarists by killing Vakulinchuk. After the end of the armed mutiny against the officers, Hough says, "considered in their total, the problems facing Matushenko could send the mind reeling. Eisenstein's movie creates a greater sense of collectivism than Hough's account. Additionally not only knowing the historical, social, and political background of a film and how the ideas in this film were form,but also how this film affected the society and the point of view of individuals,because after all film is not only affected by the context in which it is created ,but the film also affects individuals are catalyst for change in societies and cultures His depiction of these events, in his film The Battleship Potemkin, has many significant differences with the historian's perspective that Hough offers in his book. In definition, metric montage is when "the pieces are joined together according to their lengths, in a formula-scheme corresponding to a measure of music. The fact that this difference in view exists may lead to some film critics to dismiss Eisenstein's work as pure propaganda, but that is an incorrect assumption given the uncertain nature of history, especially that of revolutionary events. However, as we know that it is he who is in the wrong, his actions are seen as antagonistic. Bordwell even admits that "Eisenstein was proud of his research into records and mutineer's memoirs.

Were this scene on his own, the clergyman would appear to be the innocent figure, fending off attackers. He tries to get the audience to live through this historical moment as he believes that "Living through an historical moment is the culminating point of the pathos of feeling oneself part of the process, of feeling oneself part of the collective waging a fight for a bright future.

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The first mate gave orders to fire, but the guard did not, and the men mutinied. The authorities are shown to be malevolent and incompetent. How would you reconcile these notions?

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