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At 30 June , the Northern Territory and Western Australia had the highest sex ratios out of the states and territories, of For further information, see Migration, Australia cat. Older people who were unemployed or not in the labour force had higher median personal incomes than those in similar circumstances aged 25 to 64 years. Countries such as Japan have made considerable investments in their community sector to support elderly people to remain in their homes for as long as possible. Footnote s : a Housing suitability compares the number of bedrooms in a dwelling with a range of household demographics, such as the number of usual residents, their age and sex. Compared with the IGR1 projections there is a significant improvement due principally to higher projected participation rates for older workers that have been observed over the past five years. Specifically, older workers are choosing to work more, but they still work less than younger workers and, with relatively more older workers and fewer younger workers, the aggregate participation rate declines.

Notably, in the past 20 years, the proportion of the Northern Territory's population aged 65 years and over increased from 3. He argues that population ageing would not present a problem for another 50 years if the next cohort of men entering their late 50's postponed their retirement for as long as the previous generation did.

Over this period, the number of year olds increased by 3, 0. Broadly speaking the older the cohort the faster it will grow.

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There are regulations in place which limit how much aged care providers can charge. The main contributor to the increased growth of the non-working-ages was the growth in the population aged 65 and over.

Community based care Many older people wish to remain in their homes and supported in the community for as long as they are able.

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Measures aimed at unlocking housing wealth, such as reverse mortgage products, can also help address savings adequacy.

The likelihood of living in cared accommodation increased sharply with age from 1. However, the ageing effect is projected to dominate the recent trend improvement in participation by older cohorts. The ageing of the population is projected to lead to falling total participation rates.

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This may be through their own choice. Other recent CEDA research. The economics of this story is less certain than the underlying demography, in part because people do have future choices in this area. Three key areas require urgent policy action: Enhancing labour force participation, particularly by older workers. Figures for the 'not stated' category are available in the Ageing Population data cube. We are presently experiencing a mini- baby-boom, and the fertility rate has lifted slightly. Those aged years traditionally have lower labour market attachment than people of prime working age. The impact of population ageing on government budgets both Commonwealth and state , the labour market, workplace practices, futures consumption patterns, and savings and retirement incomes are assessed. The Northern Territory was the only state or territory to report a percentage decrease 0. Specifically, older workers are choosing to work more, but they still work less than younger workers and, with relatively more older workers and fewer younger workers, the aggregate participation rate declines. But, the objective in thinking about the ageing problem is not to make a precise prediction of the future. In contrast, the population of year olds declined in the Northern Territory by 0. A range of policy measures aimed at minimizing the costs of an ageing population are presented. The particular focus was to examine how Australia's ageing population and other factors impact on the economic and fiscal outlook over the coming 40 years. Australia cannot completely close the productivity gap with the US - our geography constrains us here - but if we could halve the productivity gap we could increase the size of the Australian economy by around 10 per cent.

All of this serves to underline the desirability of limiting the projected slowdown in the growth of real GDP per person over the coming 40 years by lifting productivity growth from its historic averages and further reducing barriers to participation. The Commonwealth regulates all aspects of aged care: determining the planning ratio, setting the subsidy, allocating licenses and assessing older Australians for an aged care place.

The number of children will stay broadly the same - personally I find it a little sad that there will be relatively fewer children.

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We know that ageing will cause per capita growth to slow, that a sizable fiscal gap remains so that the overall share of government in the economy will rise and there will be a need for significant structural change. Nevertheless, the decline in labour utilisation is still very significant - in net terms it will take us back to a position that is comparable with the early stages of the current economic expansion. However, some regulations are considered by the aged care sector to be an unnecessary burden. According to United Nations projections, all of the 20 countries selected for analysis in the table below are projected to experience an increase in the proportion of people aged 65 and over to Arguments have been made that the current financing arrangements do not encourage investment in capital infrastructure and there is insufficient incentive to upgrade or extend existing facilities. It is impossible to be definitive about the "optimal" size of government - this is a complex and subtle area which I don't have time to go into in depth today. However, they have attracted vigorous opposition in the past. Indeed there is a vast number of studies that attempt to model the impacts, and not surprisingly the findings are very diverse. Also, there has been criticism that the administrative costs of some community aged care packages are too high, reducing the amount of the subsidy available to fund hours of care. Overseas migration can influence the sex ratio, especially in the working ages where there has historically been a greater proportion of male migrants. We are presently experiencing a mini- baby-boom, and the fertility rate has lifted slightly.
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Challenges of an ageing population