Argumentative paper that lefties face difficulties

Granted there are "lefty" settings but don't even get us started on PCs and mice!!!

are left handed people more creative

Accessed 06, It's almost as if it was purposefully designed to create the maximum embarrassment for left-handed people. Can openers can go do one Where is Leftorium when you need it?

The French word for left, gauche, also means clumsy or awkward. Sure I'll just reach over the entire keyboard to type in some numbers. However I did reflect on how other people would see me and how it would impact my public presentation at work.

are lefties smarter

It is this development of language that differentiates us from the animals, and Crow's research continues into pinpointing exactly which gene or group of genes this is. What was startling was how badly ambidextrous people performed in the study — they did dramatically worse in all 3 tests.

As mentioned above, the current study did not find a median score of 80, so the use of this as a cut-off point may be questioned. By taking absolute score strength regardless of direction this increases, but even examining only right-handers there is a median of Read More Are polar bears left-handed?

Playing sports Physical education class can be tough for left-handed people.

Left brain left handed

The consistent groups did not significantly differ. The current research also has direct implications for the main theory for how hand strength may influence behavior. Noticing fellow lefties in films Righties just wouldn't understand, would they? Measuring handedness with questionnaires. Others from the group were given fragments of words with a letter missing and asked to fill in the gaps. Accessed 06, Accidentally drinking someone's else's drink Damned antiquated etiquette and place settings. They offer a lovely heat spray that is accompanied by a recoil projectile that has been known to clip cheeks and take out eyes of unwary Lefties that use them. Measuring tapes tend to be upside down Dagnabbit, why is this even a thing?
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