An opinion on the benefits of the legalization of marijuana

why marijuanas should be legal facts

Medical benefits Not only will the sales and taxes from marijuana help provide additional relief to our economy, marijuana also can provide an enormous amount of care to those who are sick or suffer from chronic illness and pain.

The federal government still deems it illegal.

An opinion on the benefits of the legalization of marijuana

Unlike smoked, crude marijuana, these medications have been subject to randomized, placebo-controlled, clinical trials. Is it addictive? Additional sub-analyses 49 of the original study cohort showed that marijuana was just as prevalent in populations of higher socioeconomic status, suggesting that socioeconomic status was not a confounding variable. As of , the U. Currently, in Spain only private at home cultivation, possession, and self-consumption are allowed, the limit is personal use, excluding any type of profitability goals. For that, the Parliament has asked EU Governments to make a clear distinction between medical marijuana, which the institution believes has multiple proven benefits, and other uses of cannabis. This classification says that the substances have no currently accepted medicinal value. Samuel T. Legalized marijuana also stands to benefit medical consumers of cannabis-based products. That means keeping the taxes low so we can actually get rid of the criminals in the system. Opioids are highly addictive and are typically not recommended for long-term use in treating chronic pain. The cannabis and cannabis products obtained from these crops can be exported for medicinal purposes to authorized entities. There are also harsh punishments for people who drive under the influence and, depending on your job, for working while high. I do not advocate urging people to smoke marijuana, neither do I urge them to drink alcoholic beverages or smoke tobacco, but in none of these cases do I think prohibition enforced by criminal sanctions is good public policy.

But it makes more sense: by making the entire system of production and sale legal, it becomes possible to take the industry out of the hands of criminal cartels. While there are strong indicators that the legalization of recreational marijuana leads to decreased use in youth, only time will give the final verdict.

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The ICF study estimates at least 81, additional direct, indirect and induced jobs in California as a result of legalized marijuana sales. As medical marijuana becomes more prevalent throughout the world, researchers are doing more studies. How much money will states earn from marijuana taxes? Many believe that objections to marijuana first rose sharply as part of the U. Currently there is a lack of resources devoted to educating physicians about this most commonly used illicit substance. However, crime has increased in many of the cities where recreational marijuana is legal. FBI data from Colorado and Washington show that crime clearance rates — the number of times that the police solved a crime — increased for both violent and property crimes after legalization.

Raichwhich again upheld the right of the federal government to ban marijuana use in all states, in spite of the dissenting voice of Justice Clarence Thomas, who stated: "By holding that Congress may regulate activity that is neither interstate nor commerce under the Interstate Commerce Clause, the Court abandons any attempt to enforce the Constitution's limits on federal power.

Marijuana carries a risk of abuse and addiction. I have also heard of its use quite successfully for fibromyalgia, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, and most other conditions where the final common pathway is chronic pain.

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Long-term or abusive use of marijuana can be harmful to a person's health and well-being. What are your concerns? Is medical marijuana just a ploy to legalize marijuana in general? Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority, rising conservative groups lobbied for stricter marijuana laws.

why marijuanas should be legal facts 2018

Studies show that smoking marijuana alone without the concurrent use of tobacco does not increase the risk of lung diseases.

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The Economic Benefits of Legalizing Weed