An introduction to the mystery of shakespearean literature

They contend that Shakespeare had neither the education nor the literary training to write such eloquent prose and create such rich characters.

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These puzzles are discussed by Shakespeare professors at conferences and written about in academic journals but they have never been adequately explained or even disclosed to the general public. This issue is a complex literary mystery — a series of puzzles — but it can be solved by looking critically and impartially at contemporary evidence and by looking at the absence of evidence. Table of Contents Read Introduction from Shakespeare Suppressed The consummate poet, epitome of high art and culture, the fount of knowledge, the biggest contributor to modern English language, the master dramatist whose year-old plays are performed, read and appreciated today, every day, in many languages, is Shakespeare. We do know that his plays were built upon the backs of existing plays. He and the great author shared the same name but no fact during his lifetime connects him to a literary career. If the Stratford Man was Shakespeare, then how did he acquire the extensive knowledge displayed in the plays, some of it only obtainable at a university, which the experts admit he never attended? Although the theater culture in 16th century England was not highly admired by people of high rank, some of the nobility were good patrons of the performing arts and friends of the actors. Where are his letters? Although a large amount of his comical talent is evident in his comedies, some of the most entertaining scenes and characters are found in tragedies such as Hamlet and histories such as Henry IV, Part 1. However, after the plague forced Shakespeare and his company of actors to leave London for periods between and , Shakespeare began to use rhymed couplets in his plays, along with more dramatic dialogue. Left with so few facts about his personal life and literary career, the very best that the expert can do for the great author, the creator of so many gorgeous verses, and fascinating, lovable and psychologically complex characters, is to make guesses.

The first major grouping of his plays begins with his histories and comedies of the s. Shakespeare's other Elizabethan comedies are more romantic. Scholars have surmised that he most likely attended the King's New School, in Stratford, which taught reading, writing and the classics.

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The genius of Shakespeare's characters and plots are that they present real human beings in a wide range of emotions and conflicts that transcend their origins in Elizabethan England.

I do admit it is odd how a man so famous, who actually became reasonably wealthy as a playwright in London, could have left so little of himself behind for researchers to sift through.

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Like Lyly, he often makes romantic intrigue a secondary feature in Latin new comedy the main plot element; [10] even this romantic plot is sometimes given less attention than witty dialogue, deceit, and jests. Waylaid by the Shakespeare Siren, they dare not go forward but cannot go back.

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He and the great author shared the same name but no fact during his lifetime connects him to a literary career. Their first child, a daughter they named Susanna, was born on May 26, How and why did the two identities become one? There were also aesthetic reasons: Renaissance aesthetic theory took seriously the dictum that tragic plots should be grounded in history. In spite of their capacity to embrace an entirely different destiny, they are overpowered by the constraints of the era they have the misfortune to inhabit rather than by some malign metaphysical force or some unfortunate flaw in their character. There were even more theories of who Shakespeare really was by the time he was attending school. Where are his letters? The library occupied five large rooms. They care about Shakespeare and want to know more about him but they are unaware that the so-called experts are keeping them in the dark.

He and the great author shared the same name but no fact during his lifetime connects him to a literary career. His verse style, his choice of subjects, and his stagecraft all bear the marks of both periods.

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An Introduction to the Shakespeare Authorship Mystery