An introduction to the analysis of an ethical dilemma

Types of ethical dilemmas

What Is an Ethical Dilemma? The model is divided into three parts, the first more generic, whereas in the second part the ethical principles are analyzed and a hierarchy within them is proposed; the third part includes the action and the evaluation. Corey, M. The company will face a lawsuit and its reputation will be tarnished as ABC is considered a strong advocate of ethics and morality especially after strong measures have been taken in ethical and moral standards of audit firms in the accounting standards as well as the constitution. Students are required to learn how to deal with ethical dilemmas because it can affect all types of organizations. Approval date: March 23rd Finally, it is necessary to review and evaluate the results of the decision and the action taken. Judging whether life is or is not worth living amounts to answering the Consequently most of them get not training on how to solve the situation. Thus, this dimension of ethics, inherent to Nursing Care includes having to decide on the dilemmas we face from an ethical perspective. The specific obligation is that arising from specific situations in relation to certain people. The original audit report submitted by Mr. It also occurs in the situation there are different courses of actions the person should choose from. The authors declare that no patient data appear in this article. A would have no difficulty in arriving at a conclusion in the current case and could make a decision on whether to report the ethical misconduct of Mr.

The practical implementation of the solution: Who? Analysis: This phase constitutes the longest part of the exercise because it requires the identification of the principles and values involved. Politicians, doctors, students, pedestrians, teachers etc.

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What do other people with good judgment think of the action and its results? The possible courses of action or implied duties.

An introduction to the analysis of an ethical dilemma

The outcome of this report on the company would be very helpful in securing the client account for the company but on the other hand there is a threat to the company as well because when the client company uses the audit report issued by the company to sell or rent out the property to potential customers, they will be mislead and sue the accounting firm for the losses incurred due to this report.

The models described in this article are examples of various attempts to deal with the discussion and analysis of ethical dilemmas in the health care field.

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Analysis of the ethically relevant clinical information:-Certainty of the medical and nursing diagnoses - Prognosis of survival - Patient competence - family and social support network. What scientific, cultural, sociological and psychological information is available?

Ethical dilemma scenarios

If the management applies an effective ethics and compliance programs all employees would be properly trained in dealing with ethical issues and 12 making proper decisions in ethical dilemmas such as the current situation. Smith, is an year-old widow. It proposes the following: 1 Identify the problem and the factors contributing to maintaining the problem. It mentions that ethical dilemmas are not always the type involving life or death situations because there are dilemmas found in daily practice in which one must face situations that cause ethical conflicts. Employees usually make decisions which provide them with rewards and provide safety form disciplinary action. However, issues which occur in everyday work may be ignored, such as pain management procedures, rights of vulnerable people, conflicts within a team, and interaction with demanding relatives. Seen from another perspective, an ethical dilemma is a situation where the moral principles that guide behavior do not allow the obvious determination of what is correct or incorrect before two possible courses of action. In most cases people get confused about what decisions to make which are acceptable and ethical to all entities and individuals affected by the decision. The certainties that make up what we call common sense are common to all, so that nobody lacks these, nor can they dispense with them when reasoning. These auditors inspect the normal course of business of the organization. An ethical dilemma is a problem because they make it difficult for parties involved to common up with a solution that would be accepted by the other side. In general, it can be considered that this aspect is found to be advanced in Mexico because the legislation provides a defined frame of reference.
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