An analysis of chapter 13 of the novel and then there were none by agatha christie

Wargrave says that they just must be very careful. Justice Wargrave was not killed the first time he was found, but in the end, he killed himself.

After she's had a drink, Lombard theorizes that the murderer has finally be foiled, but Armstrong finds it a little far-fetched that the murderer would plan on Vera fainting and needing brandy - especially since the glass of brandy they brought her hasn't been poisoned. This is the most theatrical of all the murders and the murderer has been laying away supplies wool and curtain to plan for it. The house staff, which consists of Mr. What makes you cringe? Blore's death, during a walk, Philip and Vera find Dr. Blore, Lombard and Armstrong are fairly sure that the doctor came up with them, and don't know what happened. And a madman has all the advantages on his side. They tell her that Armstrong has disappeared. Justice Lawrence Wargrave are the sole inhabitants of the island. Armstrong decide they need to search the island to see if anyone is hiding there, but the search turns up no new information.

Suddenly, they notice that Wargrave is not with them. Armstrong, because of this they reason it is safer to leave the house and stay outside.

Blore reminds him of the weather. Summary Analysis All of them now constantly wonder who is the murderer. The killer observes that they're all terrified, afraid of death. During the night, Mr. He felt since they were natives they did not mind dying.

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They each have been involved in one way or another in the death of other people. Vera's need to survive is greater than her confusion caused by fear.

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Vera asks him if he thinks someone is watching them on this island. Vera collapses and the men try to revive her.

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And Then There Were None Summary